Pollyanna, Zombie Poet

Lyda here. Did ya’ll see the contest over at AntiM? Check it out.

In my quest for the exact form and the perfect words for my sock haiku, I found this at Wikipedia, with guidelines and history of haiku, which linked to this excellent article about haiku techniques.

And then I found 100 Trillion Haiku. Which generates a new random haiku every time you click. To wit:

stallions deflower
apple trees bragging hard choir
recedes inanely


bloating cloud sobbing
overzealous piano
exalts, hissing fish

I swear those two just came out one after another. Heh.

Poetic Twelveness!

Plus I love the randomness, of course.

And there is a link to this Poetic Table of the Elements. Check out the odes to your favorite elements, like these to Krypton – or add your own. This is right down Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother’s alley.

Poetic Geekness!

All this inspired me to write another haiku:

sluggish with terror

faint thump against cold window

zombie in winter


One thought on “Pollyanna, Zombie Poet

  1. KSD

    Must say, I’ve been on a haiku-creating binge since that post. The Anti-M performs another public/artistic service.


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