Pollyanna Plays Tag with Cat for Scale

We’ve been TAGGED by Marin and Quill, the famous Cat for Scale. Anna-Liza will hopefully post her own list – or add to this.

The Honest Scrap Award is simple:

Say 10 honest things about yourself, pass it on to seven people. AntiM tagged us.

Ya’ll, you know the hardest part of this for me will be keeping it to 10.

Also, finding things about me that ya’ll do not already know.


1.) I think it would be cool to be married to a guy like Monk. I’d never have to clean again, and my own weirdness would seem so normal.

2.) I worry that one day soon I will become even more Monk-ish (that quiz says I’m already Majorly Monk-ish. Definitely I’m not this kind of Monkish). But I digress… Except I won’t have the amazing deductive powers.

3.) I have two towels in my car that I bought for my first apartment. Yes. I have towels older than my adult son.

3.) I am incapable of not reading any words in the area. The label on the automatic shower cleaner needs more character development.

4.) I am always sure that my latest weird symptom is something dire. It never is.

5.) I avoid killing insects whenever possible. I’m always carrying bugs outside and setting them free. I’m fine with living with spiders in all the corners. But cockroaches must die. It seems reasonable to me.

6.) As a small child, I collected rocks. Once, when we moved, my mom told me I could take one shoebox full of my rocks. When she unpacked, she wondered why all the boxes were so heavy. I had tucked rocks into ll of them when her back was turned.

7.) Yesterday, I contemplated felting some of the Sith Apprentice Cat’s fur. I decided against it. It would have been too embarassing to tell ya’ll about.

8.) My kid gave me the perfect gift for Mother’s Day: an addition to my  Zombie Army.

9.) My credit score is probably zero. Wait, can it be a negative number?

10.) The main thing keeping me from walking the streets to sell my body for money (see #9) is that no one would want it. Depressing.

The Dread Cat Tommy:

1.) I am the world’s foremost hunter of plastic easter eggs and motes of dust. Mice, not so much.

2.) I only sleep on the Resident Sith Master’s bed when he is not using it. The other bed is mine, but I allow the weird lady to use it sometimes. Mostly because I love to wake her randomly throughout the night. Heh.

5.) No matter how much Weird Lady brushes me with her infernal Furminator of Torture, I still shed on the carpet. Yes, it is an evil power.

Eleventy.) I can tell someone is about to open a can of tuna BEFORE they pick up the can. Evil powers. I has them.

42.) Enough. I must go and plot now.

What are we going to do tonight, Brain?


One thought on “Pollyanna Plays Tag with Cat for Scale

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