Pollyanna versus the Wednesday of the Eternally Damned Spam

Lyda here. Okay, I’m joking about the “eternally damned” but I have to do something to pull ya’ll away from Marin’s Shakespearean pig sex. Yes, really. Go see. Then come back. Please.

Today’s questions have included:

  1. What do you mean it’s not Friday yet??
  2. Why is Pollyanna getting Russian spam?
  3. Is someone in Moscow getting California spam? Or Colorado spam?
  4. Is Russian spam a Slavic pork product?
  5. Do you get Russian spam in the frozen food section?
  6. Does Russian spam go well with borscht and vodka?
  7. Does Russian spam come with one of those little furry hats?
  8. Did my friend buy me a little furry hat when he was in Moscow?
  9. Could I felt myself a little furry hat with The Dread Cat Tommy’s fur?
  10. What do you mean it’s not Friday yet?

I considered showing ya’ll the Russian spam, but I don’t trust Babel Fish enough.

I wouldn’t want to be a purveyer of Russian spam porn.

That would give a whole different flavor to our pig-licking.

Dasvidania, ya’ll.


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