Pollyanna and the Randomly Weird Beauty

Lyda here.

Check out this journaling prompt on seeing the beauty around you.

Someone once told me that the sun is always shining – sometimes the clouds seem to cover it, but it is still there shining, even when we can’t see it.

But I love clouds. I like the patterns and the swirls. I love fog and mist, and I love the rain. I love twilight, when the sky turns violet blue and begins to darken, when the light and shadows are soft. I love bright blue skies too, and the hazy bluegreen sky that blends into the ocean at dawn. I love the sky in all its moods.

One of my random habits is to stop and notice something beautiful. It’s a game I play with myself throughout the day, and especially when driving or waiting in line. Stopped at a light? I notice how the late afternoon light is turning the leaves of a tree golden-green. Standing in line at the grocery store?  I see the beautiful color variations in the graying hair of the woman in front of me. Commercial comes on? I smell the neighbor’s dinner cooking, and hear them laughing together. I walk down a trash strewn alley and see beauty in the cracked concrete.

And of course, I see beauty in things that are wonderful in their weirdness. In their uniqueness. In their own self.

Yesterday at the doctor’s office, I parked my car in front of an old tree. I sat for a moment and really looked. An old tree, with gnarled bark and a trunk curving this way and that. Behind the tree, across the road, two buildings of glass and steel, straight and square, rising high and reflecting the sunlight and sky. The old tree and the new buildings – the juxtaposition was poetry.

I am an artist who sees beauty in the mundane, in the everyday, in the abandoned objects in a parking garage, or the forlorn furniture on the side of the road. I am a writer who reads poetry in the mud puddles and hears stories in the wind. I am a woman who feels the beauty in the pain and the joy in the tragedy.

Because it is all beautiful.

This planet.

This day.

This moment.

You, right now.

Just as you are.

All weirdly beautiful.

Funny beautiful.

Achingly beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Randomly Weird Beauty

  1. iammeludee

    thank you. this is a beautiful, uplifting post. i have the tendency to get a little blind. thanks for reminding me how beautiful everything truly is.



  2. Sheryl VanVleck

    Fantastic words, Lyda. Someday, you need to take pictures of all that beauty you see and share it with us. I am sitting in rain today and that has it’s own beauty. Falling in sheets or dripping off leaves. I love to walk in the rain and feel it on my skin and even the feel of wet clothing against me. I think all of these things let’s us feel more alive.

  3. Liz

    I like that idea so much. We all have moments every day that are, well, kind of dead. Mind if I borrow it? Take care, 🙂

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