Pollyanna Meets the S.W.A.T. Team

Anna-Liza here. I’m writing this on Sunday, but I’ll schedule the post for Monday so as not to step on Lyda’s lovely book review. I only actually met two members of the team. Or maybe just one. The second time the guy had on a helmet and goggles and it could have been the same guy … or not.

Yesterday (Saturday), a police officer with a S.W.A.T. pin on his uniform came to my door and my neighbor’s. (We live in a duplex). He explained that they were going to try to arrest a guy in the little apartment building next door and they thought there was a good chance he wouldn’t cooperate. The arrest warrant was for “something involving knives”, the arrestee was considered at least somewhat unstable, and they were taking the precaution of warning all the neighbors and getting phone numbers in case they needed to call people to tell them to evacuate. In case they needed to tear gas the guy. Yeah.

So nothing happened yesterday or last night. They had the place staked out and were waiting for this guy to come home, and apparently he did this morning. Mr. R was playing out front with one of the neighbor kids, and Mr. B was inside watching Pokémon. I glanced out the front window and saw five men in full S.W.A.T. regalia walk by my house–camo, big guns, riot shields, big boots, aforementioned helmets and goggles. One came over to the boys and told them to get inside, and they did. The S.W.A.T. guys disappeared around the corner.

The house on the corner is an 1890s vintage house that long ago was cut up into apartments. It’s not a crackhouse or anything, but it’s not going to be featured in Architectural Digest anytime soon. It sits up close to the front of the property, while our house sits way at the back of ours, so I couldn’t see what actually happened. I did see a police car parked diagonally down the street with its lights flashing a little way down the cross street. I know they cleared all the other tenants out of the building before they went after the knife guy.

I could hear the PA telling someone to “put it on the ground … put it on the ground …” and a dog barking in a large and scary way. Then the police car moved to where I couldn’t see it anymore. And the dog stopped barking. Then the five S.W.A.T. guys came walking back up the sidewalk and one of them came up to my door to let me know it was all clear, the guy hadn’t put up any fight. Frankly, I think they handled it really well–the guy would have had to have been a lot worse than “a little unstable” to put up a fight under those circumstances!

As I came outside to congregate with my neighbors I noticed a small item on the ground that I thought at first was one of the kids’ toys, then realized it was one of those little Nextel communications devices–not exactly a cell phone, but not exactly a walkie-talkie. The S.W.A.T. guy must have dropped it when he came to talk to me. They had all climbed aboard the big-ass S.W.A.T. truck and it had actually started to move up the street with a police car, lights flashing, following them. My neighbor (who is taller and louder than I am) flagged them down and they stopped and took the thingy and laughed, then went on their way. And now Mr. R and his buddy keep talking about being on the S.W.A.T. team.

Darlin’ K slept through the whole thing – he was seriously short of sleep and had earplugs in to muffle the sound of frolicking children. (“That’s MINE!!” “You’re mean!!” “I am NOT! MOMMY!!!”) 

I would have awakened him if the S.W.A.T team had used tear gas.

This was a very odd morning.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Meets the S.W.A.T. Team

  1. Josiane

    That must have been a very odd morning indeed!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s always fun to meet fellow Shivanauts! Have fun with the legs!

  2. A.S.M. Pires

    Very odd, indeed. I’m glad it all turned out well. Something similar happened in my neighbourhood, once. Not at my building, though; just a couple of blocks down the street. This guy actually put up a fight, but ended up being arrested anyway.

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