Pollyanna, Your Zombie Home Decorator

Lyda here.

I was doing some online window shopping, and found these from the Metropolitan Museum of Art – a witty take on fashion, on a scarf. Which goes with the shoes tote bag, I guess. And I found these things my mom would have loved: a beautiful Chinese butterfly scarf and an owl box .

And I realized that I haven’t done a Random Weirdness post in a while. And y’all know, it’s always fun to go shopping on the weird side. Remember, there’s only 163 shopping days till Halloween.

So I had to find some Weird Stuff to share with y’all.

For your indecisive days: a “What Would A Zombie Do?” spinner card. I always have trouble deciding between decomposing and moaning.

And if that doesn’t work, you can always roll the zombie girls.

Or just go play with your zombie duckie. That’s what she said.

Is it just me, or do these glasses look like they have worms at the bottom? Imagine how that would be after a drink or two… Especially if you then came upon this mirror… 

I think I’ll drink out of this mug instead. Or eat out this brain bowl. Look, pirate plates! And how can we not love a seller whose name is “foldedpigs”?!  But I think I’ll pass on the cockroach plates and leave them for the etemologists.

Oh, the twelveness of these astro balls. Green balls. Twelve!

I love the fabric on these pillows. But I covet the fabric on this bag.

And this zombie sheep. Although some might prefer the crocheted cyber zombie.

Let your guests wash up with this brain soap. Or this scary soap. Or this “Dying to Clean You” soap. Wow, there’s a lot of soap out there…

At least your guests will know where their towel is – if you get some of these, that is.

I’m seeing a themed bathroom… Coffin-shaped louffa soap in the shower. A bloody footprint bath mat and a bloody handprint shower curtain. Maybe a biohazard glow-in-the-dark candle or two.

And of course, a pin-up girl wielding an ax on the light switch.

Hey, somebody’s gotta keep those zombies from leaving the bathroom.


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