Pollyanna Heaves a Sigh of Relief

Lyda here. This was the longest work week in the history of… well, history. Only four days long, yet I have aged years.

The stress has triggered a terrible fibromyalgia flare-up. Everything hurts, haven’t been sleeping well, all the usual fibro fun.

TGI Saturday!!

Next Monday and Tuesday I’ll be taking a course at a different work location. It’s going to be a relief just to get away from my cluttered desk and all the work that has piled up during this latest crisis. And away from all the things that are annoying me about my job – new responsibilities that I have been putting off, the tedium, the fact that I seem to be among the few who are putting in 8-hour days, and most especially – THE PHONE!

I hate the phone right now. Answering the phone is my least favorite thing about my job anyway, but this week it was especially horrible.

It is blissful to be away from the ringing, from the insipid questions, from the bad connections, from other people’s demands and requests and interruptions and loud conversations and…

Bliss to have the silence and the peace of no other being near me but the cat, and my son sleeping in the other room.

I can feel my jaw finally unclenching, my shoulders relaxing, my brow unfurrowing.

A remote control, a glass of soda, and thou.



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