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When the Cat’s Away, Pollyanna Will Play

Hey, Anna-Liza here. I believe I mentioned having the kidlets and Darlin’ K all away for a few days. And that I couldn’t make up my mind what to do?

Well, here’s what I did.

  1. Read one Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin) book after another, like a four-year-old with a pumpkin full of Halloween candy.
  2. Took a ridiculous amount of time trying to decide what to wear for my photo shoot on Wednesday. This was a half-hour only, and I needed to bring two outfits, folks. Still took me hours to decide.
  3. Read every blog I have bookmarked at least once (and I’ve been finding and marking blogs for a few years now). Caught up on a couple I really love and had neglected due to chronic busyness.
  4. Made chili and my famous summer chicken salad. Ate almost all the chicken salad, froze half the chili. It’s finally getting warm enough for iced tea!
  5. Slept badly. It’s a normal side effect when Darlin’ K isn’t here. Yeah, I know, that’s cute. I’m not especially cute after a night like that, though. Not always a big problem except for those who have to look at me or talk to me, but see item 2.
  6. Drove my father-in-law’s big-ass SUV, praying gently all the while that nothing will happen to this car. Please.
  7. Got used to Started getting used to the idea of being a grandmother. And of Darlin’ K being a grandfather!
  8. Missed Knit Night, as that was the same night the kidlets came home. Bad week to miss it, what with the whole becoming-a-grandmother thing to talk about.
  9. Looked at lots of knitting patterns and examined my stash for appropriate yarns. Baby patterns, yes, and also I have some knitting to do for my Rolfer.

Some of the things I didn’t do, but thought about:

  1. Watch any movies whatsoever. I decided I liked quiet better than TV noise, even if it was TV noise I chose myself.
  2. Clean. Anything.
  3. Go through all my clothes and get rid of stuff. Although I will do this soon, I decided it isn’t anything that can’t be done when the kids are home.
  4. Go through all the kids’ clothes and get rid of stuff. Ditto.
  5. Eat fast food. Although I did have some leftover Chinese takeout.
  6. Meditate any more often or any longer than normal. Bad hippie chick.
  7. Knit more than usual, which I admit is strange. But it’s hard to put down Nero Wolfe, especially when Archie’s in top form.
  8. Practice spinning, even though I have all this lovely new fiber. Plus some lovely old fiber!

Time Waits for No Pollyanna

Anna-Liza here. Guess what?


I’m going to be a grandmother!

(Ha, you thought it was going to be a slightly different announcement, dintcha?)

That’s right, Knitting Sprite is having a baby! She’s doing well, and everything is just as it should be. And I have a new knitting deadline.

Okay, I’m not entirely used to the idea yet, but I’ve got until December to wrap my head around it.

Pollyanna Has an Exotic Experience

Hi, Anna-Liza here again. (Where’s Lyda? You’ll have to ask her – Darlin’ K has the cell phone, so no long distance calls for me this week!)

Did I mention that, while Darlin’ K’s out of town, he has the car I usually drive (early ’90s Honda Civic Si hatchback), the Subaru is in the shop, and so I’m driving my father-in-law’s Explorer? Well, that’s what’s happening.

The Explorer is very luxurious, especially compared to my usual. Crankin’ stereo, automatic everything. My car has crank windows and manual locks (which I tend to prefer, really, since they’re less likely to fail and TRAP YOU IN THE CAR UNTIL YOU PASS OUT FROM HEAT AND OXYGEN DEPRIVATION … oh … oh I’m sorry, back to the main thread). It’s an automatic transmission, too, and I have to say I’m proud of the fact that I’ve only hit the brakes in mistake for the clutch once. Okay, twice, but once was while I was starting the car.

However, the automatic everything is good in the Explorer, because it’s so big that I can’t reach everything from the driver’s seat. It’s really big. Really. Freakin’. Big. I know there are bigger SUVs (although I don’t know why), but going from a Civic hatchback to an Explorer feels similar to going from a surfboard to a battleship. Years ago, I drove a CRX most of the time and occasionally drove my grandpa’s 1972 Ford F250. So this is not a completely unfamiliar feeling, except the F250 had no A/C, an AM radio, and no power brakes. Oh, and it was rear wheel drive, so it was a really lousy snow car … you know, I’m going to have to tell you about the time Darlin’ K and I drove that monster back to my folks’ place near Houston during a record-breaking heatwave … but not right now.

I’m very grateful to my in-laws for letting me have the use of it, ’cause I’d be pretty much screwed without it! Driving it does tickle my sense of humor, though. I feel like a mahout on a well-trained elephant. A well-trained elephant with a crankin’ stereo and A/C. “Down, Hathi!”

Pollyanna Can’t Make up Her Mind

Hey, Anna-Liza here. The kidlets are on a camping trip with the in-laws for a few days, and Darlin’ K is out of town for a week to attend a class on micro-hydroelectric systems. He was supposed to leave by one o’clock this afternoon, so he could get to the Western Slope before it got too dark (he’ll be camping out to save $$), but he didn’t actually leave until 5:30. (Those of you who know him will not be surprised).

I have the house all to myself until Wednesday night. So I have a huge list of stuff I’d love to do but there are always these people in the way. Or there’s not enough time to do more than get all the stuff out, but then I’d just have to put it all back again. Huge list. And I don’t have as much time available as “house to myself ’til Wednesday” sounds, since I do have to work.

And then, of course, there are the relaxing, fun things, like knitting, needlefelting, watching movies, reading … not having to interact with people at all if I don’t want to … oh, and I need to be thinking about patterns and yarn for a gift project, but it’s not imminent.

I am paralyzed with indecision. Except for one thing. I’m definitely treating myself to ice cream and a Rex Stout novel or three.

Pollyanna Graduates

Lyda here. I did not graduate with a degree or anything.

But I did graduate to Woman Who Hides Out in Bedroom.

The Resident Sith Master’s two best-friends-who-live-here* graduated from high school yesterday. CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS!!

* Not to be confused with Second Son “Chuck Norris” who is RSM’s best-friend-who-moved-away.

Oh no, I’m digressing in footnotes again. Marin, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Summer brings more time for these three warriors to battle the Forces of Evil, video game style. And to be the Forces of Evil, video game style, when the mood strikes them. Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat hides in the bedroom, and my Zombie Army hides in the garage, when all this is happening. It’s too noisy for them all.

One thing for sure, when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I’ll be surrounded by experienced zombie fighters. We will quickly run out of food, of course…

I think I’m going to have to move my sewing machine back into my bedroom for the Duration. Too bad my little TV has gone the way of all old TVs.

There was a cricket in my office at work yesterday, but he wasn’t singing.

That’s a bad sign, isn’t it?