Pollyanna and the Battle for Top Pig

Lyda here. Oded Fehr has taken down Bruce Willis in our stats of search terms that led people to our blog.

Our top six search terms of all time are, in order:

  1. alpaca
  2. Oded Fehr
  3. Heathers
  4. Bruce Willis
  5. pig licking
  6. michael jackson thriller

However, when I correct the statistics for variants (add in all the variations of the terms), we get the following results:

  1. alpaca + alpacas  = 3249
  2. Bruce Willis et. al. = 1655
  3. heathers et. al. = 1569
  4. Oded Fehr = 1510
  5. pig licking et. al = 1415
  6. michael jackson thriller = 458

Yes. I added it all up. I am that dork.

So, because Pollyanna is all about enabling your obsessions, here’s ya go:

#6 – Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

There are rumors of an authorized musical with Michael himself involved in all aspects of the musical.

Here’s the original video. Here’s the great “Thriller” scene from “13 Going on 30“. And here’s Darth Vader’s version (plus Chewbacca doing “Footloose” and the chicks of Star Wars doing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”) – pretty funny.

#5 – pig licking

I have a feeling that some of the people searching for variations of “licking” and “tongue” were not looking for a cute picture of a little kid kissing a pig at the zoo. But just in case, here’s the picture that was in our first pig licking post – inspired by Marin’s obsession, of course, as so many good things are. That sounds like a great name for a perfume. Or a trashy beach read. BTW, the photo came from here originally.

Funny Pictures

I don’t know why this is called a Pig Licking Cake. But y’all know I had to include it. ‘Cause I’m all about the cake. If anyone tries it, y’all know we’d love to see a picture.

These folks make Peppermint Pigs. They also have the perfect gift for so many on your list. “Have some wine with your swine.” Or maybe this is more your style. I found them from this post on Cookie Madness.

#4 Bruce Willis

Here’s Bruce singing with The Temptations. Weird.

#3 Heathers

The movie. The quotes. The fashions:

#2 – Oded Fehr.

Oded Fehr

That’s a free screensaver of Oded you can unload.

#1 – Alpaca.

Still our top-ranking search of all time. As it should be.

So here are some links to alpaca videos for y’all:

The Alpaca Committee wants to have a word with you.

He’s rich, he’s handsome, he’s got a huge… herd of alpacas…

And just because it’s Friday, funny animals – including a sheep

See, still a fiber blog.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Battle for Top Pig

  1. Marin

    Marin’s Obsession – the perfume inspired by the NC17 movie based on the summer smash book. I may be enjoying this too much.

    Oh… and Heathers? Don’t forget “the musical”!

    How did I miss Oded Fehr?

  2. Kate

    Did you know I’m always afraid to click on your links because I read at work and will end up bringing the Gestapo down on me. I think you’ll be amused by that.

  3. lyda Post author

    Oh Marin, I’m so glad I brought Oded Fehr to your attention. The man is all that and cake too.

    Marin’s Obsession perfume – “inspired by the movie based on the book”… adapted from Ovid, translated from the ancient Persian poem…

    Heh heh.

    Heathers the Musical. Murder and explosions and a cast of thousands dancing and singing!

    Kate – you’re right, that does amuse me. And I sympathize about the Gestapo… wait… do I hear heavy boots treading outside the door… Run! Save yourself!

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