Pollyanna Is Way Out of Touch

Anna-Liza here. Back from Apogaea,

Anna-Liza Hippie Chick

still not unpacked, fighting a cold, and wondering …

Who the hell are Jon and Kate, and why should I care?

(Real post about Apogaea as soon as I can manage it. Which will probably be this weekend, but no promises. No, really. I have more than 300 photos to sort through!)


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Is Way Out of Touch

  1. Kate

    THANK YOU! I have no idea who these people are. Suddenly that’s on every mag cover at the checkout. Where did these people exit the ether and can we stuff them back in?

  2. Donna-Maria

    Was it really cool enough for a sweater there? I haven’t worn a sweater since February. Looking good sis.

    1. Anna-Liza Post author

      Well, we were at about 9000 feet, so it was cold at night and pretty cool in the mornings. The afternoon was warm enough to go without.

      (And thanks!)


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