Pollyanna Burns, Apogaea Style

Hey, Anna-Liza here, a week after Apogaea and finally getting around to writing something about it. If you’re not familiar with it, Apogaea is the Colorado regional “Burn”, or Burning Man-related event. It’s smaller, the drive is shorter for us, and it’s less expensive. Shorter duration, too. But it’s got almost all the spirit and fun of the original. (Nothing will ever quite match the original). 

Darlin’ K and I have been feeling a lack of freakiness in our lives lately, so we were really happy about going! And besides, it takes place at Happy Ass Ranch. What could be better?

Not only did we go with the kidlets, but I brought along more than half of my knitting group (and attached families). Four out of seven of the core group were there, and two spun fire at the event. (The four were Simone, Samantha, Chris and me). We’re thinking we need to give ourselves a name. “Knitters on Fire” has been suggested, but we don’t know yet.

We camped with Camp Chaos, which featured goats which glowed under black light,

one glowing kid (Mr. B took this picture)

(yes, we had black lights on in the pen at night), spinning wheels and spindles, fiber,

fiber-spinning-cheesemaking tent

and goat milking workshops twice daily. Oh, and also cheesemaking. Here’s me learning to milk a goat:

Anna-Liza milking Annie

The kids had a blast. We had six total in camp, ranging from infancy to 7 years (that would be Mr. R). Here are the four oldest in costume (it’s a very costumey event):

kidlets in costume

Here’s the youngest, on Chris’s lap (that’s Darlin’ K in the hat – she’s got his coffee mug):

Chris & Darlin' K introduce Miss R to coffee

Outside our own camp, there was plenty to do and see.

Bone tree 

Little LED hooper

Mr B and his tree

Plywood Colossus

I took Messrs. R and B to make our own hula hoops. Well, the hoops were already made, but we picked the ones we liked and decorated them with fluorescent and/or sparkly and/or iridescent tape. There was loud good dance music playing to try out the variously sized hoops to, and lots of people went home with their own custom hoops, including Sam and her girls!

Hula hoop decorating

After I decorated Mr. B’s (under his supervision) and started on mine, he lost interest in the proceedings.

Mr B has a nap

Mr. R decorated his by himself, only needing help to break off the tape when he was done with a particular color. He also enjoyed the Flip frame right next to our camp.

Mr R on the Flip

Simone and Sam spun fire and I didn’t get any pictures dammit. Darlin’ K did too, and I got a few of him on the night of the Burn, but they didn’t turn out so great. But here, this might give you some idea:

Darlin' K at the Apo 09 Burn

Darlin' K firespinning 2

We were the last to leave Camp Chaos (but not the last to leave Apogaea). We didn’t want to rush ourselves or the kids as they had a few last things to do, with new friends.

Mr R and Luke   Mr B and friends

Mr. B really wanted to bring home one of the baby goats! We got home late, sunburned, tired, but goatless. We’ll just have to see if we can remain goatless (and bunnyless) after Wool Market tomorrow.


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