Pollyanna Ups Her Fiber Content – a Bit

2009 Wool Market schwag

There, doesn’t that feel good? Still a fiber blog!

That’s all I acquired this year at Wool Market, though really, I’m not that close to SABLE (Yarn Harlot’s acronym for Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). But what I did get is very nice indeed.

That lovely silver-grey roving, all soft and cloudlike? That’s four ounces of 50/50 merino/alpaca from La Plata Farms. I know what you’re thinking; I had exactly the same reaction …

Snuggling the fiber

Darlin’ K? When I showed it to him he immediately picked it up and started moaning “Braaaaiiiinnnnssss … ”

Zombie fiber

But let us ignore the Philistine.

The multicolored roving on the lower right is 50/50 merino/tussah, also from La Plata Farms, which I’m totally not ready to try to spin yet (“novice” is too advanced a term for my spinning ability), but what the hell. It’s only an ounce, and I can save it for later, when I feel more confident. Right? Right. And it feels … So. Incredibly. Good. I may keep that one just to pet. Probably. At least some of it. I’ll probably keep some of the merino/alpaca for the same reason … which is why I bought four ounces.

The singles skein at the top is from Plain & Fancy. (They don’t have a website – that link goes to a Knitters Review article with a bit about them in it — scroll down. But you can email them at KGAggen@aol.com). I can’t *not* buy something from Grayce and Ken Aggen, even if all I can manage is a single skein. Don’t get the idea their yarn is expensive – $15 to $17 for 400 yards of hand-dyed wool is an excellent deal – I just had an especially limited budget this year.

This one is turquoise/brown sportweight singles. This is the *softest* pure wool I have ever found — I believe it’s all merino and merino-cross. I knit a sweater for Mr B out of it, and he can wear it comfortably with no t-shirt under it.

And the colors are absolutely stunning. I always have to go back to their booth at least three times before I can pick a colorway. This one may become a scarf, or maybe a pair of mittens. Or a hat. Something. They have a 400 yard put-up, so there’s definitely enough for one small project.

Darlin’ K and the kidlets (rock band!) came with me this year for the first time. K got a little tired of kid-herding for about the last 45 minutes we were there, but then we found a playground and coffee in town and things got better quickly. The kids had a great time. We are still bunnyless, but it was a close thing.

Bunny's close-up

Mr. B took that picture. I tried to tell him he’d get a better picture if he was further away, but he just couldn’t bear to be more than about six inches from the bunny. It was an albino Angora, by the way.

Mr. R liked the animals, but he liked the Children’s Tent even more. He watched the spinning and tried the weaving, and he really liked making his own rope.

Mr R learns to make a rope

They both liked the sheepdog demo (which featured duck-herding as well as sheep-herding) and the shearing demo, and they both were pretty interested in the yaks (as was I),

Yak resting

supplied by Grunniens Ranch (very nice folks, and the website is full of puns and other wordplay and includes a “yog” or “yak blog”, some truly scary tornado photos they just added yesterday, and, um, recipes).

Mr B’s second favorite animal after bunnies was not baby goats, as I had expected, but alpacas and paco-vicuñas. He thought they were really cute, as they are. Truly, they’re like miniature anime llamas with prettier eyes.

'allo, I am Paco. You are charmed, no?

'allo, I am Paco. You are charmed, no?

Did I ever mention that, if you hover your cursor over a pic, you’ll see the title? No? Oh. Well, you will.

So, no new spindle acquisition, and having the kids along did decrease my time (and spending) in the vendor’s barn, which really is a good thing. Really. We also went on Sunday this year, which I’d never done before since it had always been held on Father’s Day weekend before.

Sunday turned out to be much mellower than Saturday. The selection might not have been as great (although I didn’t have any problem finding stuff I wanted), but the vendors and animal folk were much less harried and had more time to visit. Which is one of my favorite things to do, so that was good. If they keep it scheduled for *not* Father’s Day weekend next year, I think I’ll go on Sunday again.

But maybe I’ll go by myself.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Ups Her Fiber Content – a Bit

  1. Donna-Maria

    Wow, four posts by you since I last checked! I like the hair length. And the boys! So BIG! I feel like we just had a nice little visit…yeah,…no, maybe not.
    (Loving the french-accented paco vicuna)

  2. lyda

    Smitten by Paco. But most of all I love Mr. B’s bunny picture – being so close makes me feel like I can pet the bunny.

    And I see that Zombie Son and I are not the only zombophiles in your life.


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