Pollyanna Bobs to the Surface

but only momentarily…

Lyda here. Snatching a few moments to update y’all. Heh. “Snatch.” Yes, I am that mature, that I’d point that out.

Did I mention my TMJ inflamation? It still hurts like crazy – three weeks of this is just nuts. Did I mention I’m still working like crazy on three mystery gifts for the long-overdue Pay It Forward Challenge? Progress is happening, but not done yet. I hope the recipients think it’s worth the wait. Did I mention that my son’s friends are graduating from high school this week, and thus it has been Insane Video Game Time at my place for the last two weeks? Did I mention that it’s crazy at work and crazy at home?

Hm. There seems to be an insanity theme to this post… “What’s different about that, Lyda?”

Continuing the craziness:

I am doing “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron again. Read this post for some of the reasons why. Read that post anyway. It’s inspiring. Who wrote that?

I’m doing it even though I’ve done it before, because I need to do it again. I’ve been stuck for a long long time, in every aspect of my life, and this book is the best unsticker I’ve ever used. And after the twelve weeks, maybe I’ll be up for trying her “Money Drunk, Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom” again. Because I didn’t finish it last time I tried it. Even though it was helping. Crazy fear.

One of the things about doing “The Artist’s Way” is that it gets me in touch with all the ways my life is crazy in ways I don’t enjoy.

As you can see.

Time to go bob-bob-bobbing along again…


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Bobs to the Surface

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