Pollyanna Can’t Make up Her Mind

Hey, Anna-Liza here. The kidlets are on a camping trip with the in-laws for a few days, and Darlin’ K is out of town for a week to attend a class on micro-hydroelectric systems. He was supposed to leave by one o’clock this afternoon, so he could get to the Western Slope before it got too dark (he’ll be camping out to save $$), but he didn’t actually leave until 5:30. (Those of you who know him will not be surprised).

I have the house all to myself until Wednesday night. So I have a huge list of stuff I’d love to do but there are always these people in the way. Or there’s not enough time to do more than get all the stuff out, but then I’d just have to put it all back again. Huge list. And I don’t have as much time available as “house to myself ’til Wednesday” sounds, since I do have to work.

And then, of course, there are the relaxing, fun things, like knitting, needlefelting, watching movies, reading … not having to interact with people at all if I don’t want to … oh, and I need to be thinking about patterns and yarn for a gift project, but it’s not imminent.

I am paralyzed with indecision. Except for one thing. I’m definitely treating myself to ice cream and a Rex Stout novel or three.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Can’t Make up Her Mind

  1. Sheryl VanVleck

    One day down and I hope you have enjoyed the day just for you. I suggest some Bailey’s and “Tortilla Soup” on DVD for this evening. You can drool over a hot guy (Hector Elizondo), and the food he is whipping up for his three daughters.

  2. lyda

    “Iccccce creeeeeaaaaammmmm…”

    And I concur with Sheryl. Time to have some uninterrupted drooling watching movies YOU want to see. (Notice how I’m restraining myself from recommending zombie flicks…).

    Just don’t drool on the knitting. But you already know that…

  3. Anna-Liza Post author

    Actually, I’m not as big a movie buff as Lyda and Darlin’ K. I decided to just have actual silence as my companion for a while. So soothing.


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