Pollyanna Has an Exotic Experience

Hi, Anna-Liza here again. (Where’s Lyda? You’ll have to ask her – Darlin’ K has the cell phone, so no long distance calls for me this week!)

Did I mention that, while Darlin’ K’s out of town, he has the car I usually drive (early ’90s Honda Civic Si hatchback), the Subaru is in the shop, and so I’m driving my father-in-law’s Explorer? Well, that’s what’s happening.

The Explorer is very luxurious, especially compared to my usual. Crankin’ stereo, automatic everything. My car has crank windows and manual locks (which I tend to prefer, really, since they’re less likely to fail and TRAP YOU IN THE CAR UNTIL YOU PASS OUT FROM HEAT AND OXYGEN DEPRIVATION … oh … oh I’m sorry, back to the main thread). It’s an automatic transmission, too, and I have to say I’m proud of the fact that I’ve only hit the brakes in mistake for the clutch once. Okay, twice, but once was while I was starting the car.

However, the automatic everything is good in the Explorer, because it’s so big that I can’t reach everything from the driver’s seat. It’s really big. Really. Freakin’. Big. I know there are bigger SUVs (although I don’t know why), but going from a Civic hatchback to an Explorer feels similar to going from a surfboard to a battleship. Years ago, I drove a CRX most of the time and occasionally drove my grandpa’s 1972 Ford F250. So this is not a completely unfamiliar feeling, except the F250 had no A/C, an AM radio, and no power brakes. Oh, and it was rear wheel drive, so it was a really lousy snow car … you know, I’m going to have to tell you about the time Darlin’ K and I drove that monster back to my folks’ place near Houston during a record-breaking heatwave … but not right now.

I’m very grateful to my in-laws for letting me have the use of it, ’cause I’d be pretty much screwed without it! Driving it does tickle my sense of humor, though. I feel like a mahout on a well-trained elephant. A well-trained elephant with a crankin’ stereo and A/C. “Down, Hathi!”


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Has an Exotic Experience

  1. lyda

    Although without it you would be forced to stay home alone… oops, sorry, don’t mean to tempt you.

    I’m laughing picturing you clambering into that huge thing. But laughing in a with-you way.


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