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Pollyanna Puts The Fun Back in Her Bedroom

Lyda here.

As usual, I’ve been reading design magazines and books like mad, and watching lots of design shows. I think I was a decorator in a former life.

I found a new design show called “Fun Shui” – with Stephanie MacWilliams, an expert who makes feng shui and design/home decorating both accessible and fun.

In one show, she talked about the different kinds of headboards and what they do energetically. A big wooden headboard is strong and grounding, for example, while a canopied bed can be romantic and cozy.

I decided that I want a padded headboard – which she said is comforting and soothing – something I need. It would also be good for reading, writing, and drawing in bed (doing more of that lately).

So, I was thinking, how can I make myself a padded headboard, what kind of fabric do I want to use, what kind of frame would it have to have. Coincidentally, I had just moved two big floor pillows into my bedroom from the living room where they were in the way.

Inspiration struck, and I propped them upon the bed as a movable headboard.

They look great and give the bed more presence in the room. They are a deep rich red velvet, which goes with my bedroom’s Chinese/bohemian theme and the gold, red, and touches of purple in the room. I try to ignore the boring white walls and bland tan carpeting; I do rent, y’all. But I digress…

Awesome! And best of all – free!!

I believe this is what those in the biz call “repurposing.”

I repurposed your mom last night…

Pollyanna and Anti-M To Star in “Whack a Zombie: the Movie”

Lyda here with very exciting news.

Anna-Liza and Marin are all set to star in “Whack a Zombie: the Movie” – but we need to write the script first.

This began with this post. And the comments led to this from Anna-Liza:

So, here’s the opening scene of “Whack a Zombie: the Movie”. Marin & I are in the stands at a Rockies game with souvenir baseball bats in hand. Suddenly something in the hot dogs starts turning people into zombies. Luckily, Marin & I have not had any hot dogs and we notice the zombification pretty quickly, and start whacking our way to an exit …

Lyda continues the plot thusly:

Fortunately, our heroines’ knitting is carefully stowed in zombie- and blood-proof knitting bags.

But all the exits are blocked with hordes of fans-turned-zombies. The only way out is through the Rockies locker room. Marin and Anna-Liza whack their way through the zombies toward the field. Fortunately most of the team has not eaten any hot dogs (Marin and Anna-Liza get to choose which ones have become zombies and have to be whacked). And of course there are bats for everyone. The team covers the doors while Anna-Liza and Marin try to reach the authorities, but of course they can’t get through. The radio says that the zombification is spreading through the city – apparently the hot dogs were served as lunch at the school cafeterias, and there are zombies in the streets.

Anna-Liza and Marin may have to spend the night in the locker room. Luckily there are showers and plenty of volunteers to scrub their backs.

Yes, I am twelve. We have to get the sex in early, and we need some fan service in the movie, yes?

But then, just as it is about to get interesting…

What happens next?

Post a comment and tell us!

Pollyanna, Junk Collector

Lyda here.

Just ran across the 20 Most Worthless Pieces of Junk, according to them, anyway.

Rice cookers? I’ve never had one, but I know some people love theirs.

Wipe warmers? I didn’t even know there were such gizmos.

Toys with the fast food child’s meal? On the one hand, most of them are junk. On the other hand, my son loved them when he was little, and some of them lasted a long time. And sometimes, anything that keeps a toddler occupied long enough to let the parental unit sit down and eat a few bites is a good thing. Especially on a long trip.

Irons, however, are not worthless. Obviously, whoever wrote this article does not sew. My iron seldom irons clothes – I don’t buy clothes that need ironing for myself (pure laziness) and the Resident Sith Master lives in t-shirts. I did iron his shirts for band performances, though, back in the day.

And I would NEVER live without real books!!

It seems the “worthless junk” category is in the eye of the beholder – or the pocketbook of the purchaser. No matter how useful or special to someone else, it can be worthless junk to you. You may love your garlic press, while your neighbor’s just clutters up his kitchen drawer. You may cherish your zombie movie poster collection, and hate the antique Hummel figurines you inherited from Great-Aunt Sophie.

My advice? Give the figurines to your sister who loves them, and proudly hang the posters on your wall. But maybe not in the bedroom…

What do y’all think about this list? Agree or disagree? And because I’m nosy…

What’s the most worthless piece of junk that YOU have ever bought?

Pollyanna realized she missed the birthday boat

Lyda here. Yes, it’s me. It – FINALLY – calmed down enough at work that I can face my home computer once again. For a while there, I was chained to my office computer each day and could not bear to sit in front of a screen when I got home. Except the TV screen of course. I have lots of reviews of various shows and movies for y’all.

But not today. Today is for silliness, in honor of Anna-Liza’s birthday. Yes, I’m late. You are surprised because…?

Silliness of the Beatles kind:  You say it’s your birthday.

Silliness of the Hat kind: Octopus Hat. Though it seems like it could also be adapted to be a Flying Spagetti Monster Hat. Touched by His Noodly Appendages indeed!

Silliness of the Anti-Boredom kind: Check out this blog post about the Anti-Boredom pocket kit. Anna-Liza actually sent me this link.’s blog has links to all kinds of fun and silly stuff, as well as useful items. I like the book cover headboard. It could also make interesting decor in a library. Maybe covering the door, or as a backrest on a window seat. And of course, the technique would work with something besides book covers, like old album covers. That could be very cool. Check first to make sure the cover isn’t rare and valuable. But I digress…

I think one could use this same idea to create other kinds of pocket kits too. Hmmm…

Pollyanna’s Forecast for Her Birthday Weekend

Hey, Anna-Liza here. My birthday is Sunday (the 12th) and I’ll be 47. Somehow that reads like the beginning of sharing at a 12-step program, doesn’t it? This birthday feels pretty good, even if I’m now moving from “mid-forties” to “late forties”.

As all you loyal readers know, I’ll be a grandmother before Christmas. Knitting Sprite’s creativity encompasses … a lot. Here’s some of her music on Myspace – check out “Zombie Blues” which includes NCAR in Boulder as a “last stand” spot on Z-day. Makes sense to me. Becoming a grandmother is exciting and weird, and there’s no sense denying the weird occasionally outweighs the exciting.

These two items, and the fact that I apparently have no willpower whatsoever in my quest to lose about 8 inches around my middle (Exercise? Give up ice cream? What?) could be enough to depress anyone, even a philosophical Piglet/Harley Quinn/Jerry Garcia/Baseball Bat Wielder/Angel in Human Form like me. (You’ll have to check my Facebook quizzes, but those are all results I’ve had). But I’ve had some pretty good stuff happening.

First, well, I’m going to be a grandma! There’s no denying that most of the time the exciting outweighs the weird. And Knitting Sprite and her boyfriend are so happy – it’s cool to watch them. Hm. Need to come up with a blog name for him. He’s into capoeira, works at Whole Foods, likes to wear hats, and is very gentle and very tall … any suggestions?

I found a couple Rex Stout books on that I actually haven’t read. This may not sound like much, but believe me, it is. I even got a copy of Red Threads, featuring Inspector Cramer without Wolfe and Goodwin. Written in the 1930s. Read it in one day.

Darlin’ K, the kidlets and I went to the Sprite’s gig at Whole Foods. While there, someone said  “Wow, KS’s sister could be her twin!” Major ego stroke. (Really, KS is gorgeous and that’s not just a biased mom’s opinion).

This morning, on the way from my car to the office, one of the folks who lives around there, with whom I regularly exchange “good mornings” called me a pretty lady and said I was gorgeous. Okay, dude’s old enough to be my dad and is on oxygen, but hey. He was sincere and I’ll take it. Terrific way to start a work day.

I had another photo shoot for a Knits related project. This time, it was just my hands, knitting, but still. Enough of this kind of thing could turn a girl’s head. BTW, hints are all I’m allowed at this point, but keep tuning in and you’ll read all about it as soon as I get the go-ahead!

I’ve had a remarkable number of really weird calls at work – like the lady who said she was having all kinds of problems with our website, and, when I asked her what internet browser she was using, said flatly “I don’t have one of those”. Luckily, they’ve mostly been funny and have mostly had happy endings, but it’s nice to have people to joke about these things with, and nice to have Darlin’ K to come home to and tell me it’s perfectly okay for me to go straight to bed if I need to!

And now it’s the weekend! The kidlets will be spending the weekend with Darlin’ K’s folks, we’re going up to the cabin to relax, read, and romance, we plan to drive down to a local cafe for music and possibly go dancing  tomorrow night, and I’m really close to finishing the sexy legwarmers* for my friend, which will make it possible to work on baby stuff guilt-free for a while!

The only thing I wish is that I had more time to get stuff caught up! I haven’t touched my projects page on Ravelry in months – you’d think I’d stopped knitting if you look at it.

*They don’t look that sexy yet – they need to be finished and on someone’s legs for the full effect. But I will take pictures. And I will put them on Ravelry!