Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Book Addiction Enabler

Okay, this could be either of us, but this time it’s Anna-Liza. I just went on a book-ordering binge on paperbackswap.com. As extensive as my Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout – author) collection is, there are still some I don’t have and just possibly a couple or three I haven’t read! And there were some of those listed on paperbackswap. I had seven credits; now I’m down to one.

Never heard of paperbackswap.com? Heard of it but never checked it out? If you’re a reading fiend like Lyda and me, you really must take a good look. You post books you’re willing to trade. You send books people request to those people – only costs you postage. When you have credits (one per book traded, and they start you off with, I think, three once you’ve listed nine books), you browse their listings and order books you want, and then they show up in the mail! Easy! Fun! Almost free!

You can also set up a “wish list” of books you want that aren’t currently available, and the website will notify you when one of those books is entered in the system.

If you check it out, you like it, and you want to sign up, tell them Divina sent you. That’s my username over there, and I will get a credit if you sign up and list nine books.

Happy book hunting!


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