Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Hand-to-Hand Zombie Fighter

Hi, Anna-Liza here. Lyda’s still not on Facebook, and I figure some of the rest of you may not be, either. I took the quiz about “What zombie fighting weapon best suits you?” You know, so I can be sure to have it handy where I can grab it on Z-day, right? Here’s my result:

Normally used for wholesome sports, you are the BASEBALL BAT.
No ammunition, no reload, no fancy moves, just whack and go. You picked something up from the garage and the bowels of your childhood, and the fact that you think this whole thing is some sort of game is a little disturbing. You can’t help but giggle a little every time one of those heads goes sailing off into space like a rotten pumpkin. You’ve got a wide streak of mischief in you, and a strange way, these milling herds of zombies are your sick playground and therapy, all rolled into one. Play on, slugger. .


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Hand-to-Hand Zombie Fighter

  1. lyda

    Baseball bats are excellent weapons against zombies. Is it wrong that I can just picture you two laughing manically as you play “Whack a Zombie”?

  2. Anna-Liza Post author

    So, here’s the opening scene of “Whack a Zombie: the Movie”. Marin & I are in the stands at a Rockies game with souvenir baseball bats in hand. Suddenly something in the hot dogs starts turning people into zombies. Luckily, Marin & I have not had any hot dogs and we notice the zombification pretty quickly, and start whacking our way to an exit …


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