Pollyanna’s Forecast for Her Birthday Weekend

Hey, Anna-Liza here. My birthday is Sunday (the 12th) and I’ll be 47. Somehow that reads like the beginning of sharing at a 12-step program, doesn’t it? This birthday feels pretty good, even if I’m now moving from “mid-forties” to “late forties”.

As all you loyal readers know, I’ll be a grandmother before Christmas. Knitting Sprite’s creativity encompasses … a lot. Here’s some of her music on Myspace – check out “Zombie Blues” which includes NCAR in Boulder as a “last stand” spot on Z-day. Makes sense to me. Becoming a grandmother is exciting and weird, and there’s no sense denying the weird occasionally outweighs the exciting.

These two items, and the fact that I apparently have no willpower whatsoever in my quest to lose about 8 inches around my middle (Exercise? Give up ice cream? What?) could be enough to depress anyone, even a philosophical Piglet/Harley Quinn/Jerry Garcia/Baseball Bat Wielder/Angel in Human Form like me. (You’ll have to check my Facebook quizzes, but those are all results I’ve had). But I’ve had some pretty good stuff happening.

First, well, I’m going to be a grandma! There’s no denying that most of the time the exciting outweighs the weird. And Knitting Sprite and her boyfriend are so happy – it’s cool to watch them. Hm. Need to come up with a blog name for him. He’s into capoeira, works at Whole Foods, likes to wear hats, and is very gentle and very tall … any suggestions?

I found a couple Rex Stout books on paperbackswap.com that I actually haven’t read. This may not sound like much, but believe me, it is. I even got a copy of Red Threads, featuring Inspector Cramer without Wolfe and Goodwin. Written in the 1930s. Read it in one day.

Darlin’ K, the kidlets and I went to the Sprite’s gig at Whole Foods. While there, someone said  “Wow, KS’s sister could be her twin!” Major ego stroke. (Really, KS is gorgeous and that’s not just a biased mom’s opinion).

This morning, on the way from my car to the office, one of the folks who lives around there, with whom I regularly exchange “good mornings” called me a pretty lady and said I was gorgeous. Okay, dude’s old enough to be my dad and is on oxygen, but hey. He was sincere and I’ll take it. Terrific way to start a work day.

I had another photo shoot for a Knits related project. This time, it was just my hands, knitting, but still. Enough of this kind of thing could turn a girl’s head. BTW, hints are all I’m allowed at this point, but keep tuning in and you’ll read all about it as soon as I get the go-ahead!

I’ve had a remarkable number of really weird calls at work – like the lady who said she was having all kinds of problems with our website, and, when I asked her what internet browser she was using, said flatly “I don’t have one of those”. Luckily, they’ve mostly been funny and have mostly had happy endings, but it’s nice to have people to joke about these things with, and nice to have Darlin’ K to come home to and tell me it’s perfectly okay for me to go straight to bed if I need to!

And now it’s the weekend! The kidlets will be spending the weekend with Darlin’ K’s folks, we’re going up to the cabin to relax, read, and romance, we plan to drive down to a local cafe for music and possibly go dancing  tomorrow night, and I’m really close to finishing the sexy legwarmers* for my friend, which will make it possible to work on baby stuff guilt-free for a while!

The only thing I wish is that I had more time to get stuff caught up! I haven’t touched my projects page on Ravelry in months – you’d think I’d stopped knitting if you look at it.

*They don’t look that sexy yet – they need to be finished and on someone’s legs for the full effect. But I will take pictures. And I will put them on Ravelry!


8 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s Forecast for Her Birthday Weekend

  1. Marin

    MoKS (Man of Knitting Sprite). It has the added benefit of being prounouncable and sounding like one of those cool add-an-S nicknames the Brits are always using. Like Robs and Tims.

  2. lyda

    Plus, it rhymes with socks. And that’s all to the good, yes?

    Happy b-day, BFF!!! Yes, I’m days late – y’all were expecting something different?

  3. Anna-Liza Post author

    Thanks, all! To respond in order: (1)It’s not a book – but it’s way cool you might think that’s a possibility! (2)MoKS it is! Marin is now official assigner of blog pseudonyms for PRS&NOD.(3)No, we’ve been friends for *cough29cough* years, why would I expect something different? I’m always late for your b’day too, and I have big ol’ reminders it’s coming up!

  4. KarenM.

    I really don’t do birthdays – it causes me some strange brain twitching – My father has to text me to remind me it is moms birthday. I rate nothing more than an epic fail in that arena. Nevertheless – Happy Birthday 🙂
    Also Marin (is this a blog etiquette violation??) – I meant to post something similar to you, so let’s just extend birthday season until you read this and Happy Birthday 🙂
    And just for anyone who hasn’t seen knitting sprite – she is indeed beautiful and it is clear she takes after her mum.

  5. lyda

    29 years??? Oh holy zombie snack. And yet it seems impossible that the beautiful Knitting Sprite could be old enough to make you a G-Ma. (Like a G-man, but with knitting needles instead of a machine gun.)

    Does this mean we’re not 23 anymore?? No, don’t tell me… Let me live in ignorance until January.

  6. lyda

    Oh, and I concur on the designation of Marin as “official assigner of blog pseudonyms for PRS&NOD”.

    Off to get her letterhead printed up…

  7. Josiane

    Happy belated birthday, Anna-Liza!

    I was doing some catching up on Havi’s blog, and saw your comment on the Friday Chicken (the one from, uh, 2-3 weeks ago or something), and I had to come and say: wow on the IK thing! That’s huge! Congrats!
    Oh, and congrats also on the becoming a grandmother thing! Sorry it feels weird sometimes. I hope the weird will fade out, and the exciting will grow stronger. 🙂


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