Pollyanna realized she missed the birthday boat

Lyda here. Yes, it’s me. It – FINALLY – calmed down enough at work that I can face my home computer once again. For a while there, I was chained to my office computer each day and could not bear to sit in front of a screen when I got home. Except the TV screen of course. I have lots of reviews of various shows and movies for y’all.

But not today. Today is for silliness, in honor of Anna-Liza’s birthday. Yes, I’m late. You are surprised because…?

Silliness of the Beatles kind:  You say it’s your birthday.

Silliness of the Hat kind: Octopus Hat. Though it seems like it could also be adapted to be a Flying Spagetti Monster Hat. Touched by His Noodly Appendages indeed!

Silliness of the Anti-Boredom kind: Check out this Craftzine.com blog post about the Anti-Boredom pocket kit. Anna-Liza actually sent me this link. Craftzine.com’s blog has links to all kinds of fun and silly stuff, as well as useful items. I like the book cover headboard. It could also make interesting decor in a library. Maybe covering the door, or as a backrest on a window seat. And of course, the technique would work with something besides book covers, like old album covers. That could be very cool. Check first to make sure the cover isn’t rare and valuable. But I digress…

I think one could use this same idea to create other kinds of pocket kits too. Hmmm…


One thought on “Pollyanna realized she missed the birthday boat

  1. Anna-Liza

    Let all your friends know to start collecting Altoids tins for you! (The friends who can actually hand them to you, that is).


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