Pollyanna, Junk Collector

Lyda here.

Just ran across the 20 Most Worthless Pieces of Junk, according to them, anyway.

Rice cookers? I’ve never had one, but I know some people love theirs.

Wipe warmers? I didn’t even know there were such gizmos.

Toys with the fast food child’s meal? On the one hand, most of them are junk. On the other hand, my son loved them when he was little, and some of them lasted a long time. And sometimes, anything that keeps a toddler occupied long enough to let the parental unit sit down and eat a few bites is a good thing. Especially on a long trip.

Irons, however, are not worthless. Obviously, whoever wrote this article does not sew. My iron seldom irons clothes – I don’t buy clothes that need ironing for myself (pure laziness) and the Resident Sith Master lives in t-shirts. I did iron his shirts for band performances, though, back in the day.

And I would NEVER live without real books!!

It seems the “worthless junk” category is in the eye of the beholder – or the pocketbook of the purchaser. No matter how useful or special to someone else, it can be worthless junk to you. You may love your garlic press, while your neighbor’s just clutters up his kitchen drawer. You may cherish your zombie movie poster collection, and hate the antique Hummel figurines you inherited from Great-Aunt Sophie.

My advice? Give the figurines to your sister who loves them, and proudly hang the posters on your wall. But maybe not in the bedroom…

What do y’all think about this list? Agree or disagree? And because I’m nosy…

What’s the most worthless piece of junk that YOU have ever bought?


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna, Junk Collector

  1. Kate

    My sister bought a sandwich grill/press. Serioulsy, we have a toaster oven. What is the point? I sent that sucker packing with her to her new house.

  2. Anna-Liza

    We owned a wipe warmer, and it was wonderful in our chilly house in the winter to have it! We’re giving it to Knitting Sprite. Yes, you can hold the wipe in your hand for a minute to warm it up, but a minute with a squirmy, messy baby waiting to be changed is a LONG TIME!

    I loved my rice cooker, but Darlin’ K didn’t and makes great rice without one, so it’s gone now.

  3. Sarah

    I’m with you on the books. I read this list somewhere else and my eyes just about popped out when I saw real books called worthless 😦 And what’s wrong with hobby kits? There are some really neat kits out there. That would be how I learned to knit 😉

    As for giveaway flash drives, last year my employer gave local teachers 512mb drives and the teachers still talk about how wonderful they are. Some people are just too greedy these days.

  4. Anna-Liza

    I would say this list was put together by young, childless hipsters with no serious money problems. Kindle? Are you kidding me? They aren’t exactly being raved about – decidedly mixed reviews. And how could you loan or give a book?


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