Pollyanna and Anti-M To Star in “Whack a Zombie: the Movie”

Lyda here with very exciting news.

Anna-Liza and Marin are all set to star in “Whack a Zombie: the Movie” – but we need to write the script first.

This began with this post. And the comments led to this from Anna-Liza:

So, here’s the opening scene of “Whack a Zombie: the Movie”. Marin & I are in the stands at a Rockies game with souvenir baseball bats in hand. Suddenly something in the hot dogs starts turning people into zombies. Luckily, Marin & I have not had any hot dogs and we notice the zombification pretty quickly, and start whacking our way to an exit …

Lyda continues the plot thusly:

Fortunately, our heroines’ knitting is carefully stowed in zombie- and blood-proof knitting bags.

But all the exits are blocked with hordes of fans-turned-zombies. The only way out is through the Rockies locker room. Marin and Anna-Liza whack their way through the zombies toward the field. Fortunately most of the team has not eaten any hot dogs (Marin and Anna-Liza get to choose which ones have become zombies and have to be whacked). And of course there are bats for everyone. The team covers the doors while Anna-Liza and Marin try to reach the authorities, but of course they can’t get through. The radio says that the zombification is spreading through the city – apparently the hot dogs were served as lunch at the school cafeterias, and there are zombies in the streets.

Anna-Liza and Marin may have to spend the night in the locker room. Luckily there are showers and plenty of volunteers to scrub their backs.

Yes, I am twelve. We have to get the sex in early, and we need some fan service in the movie, yes?

But then, just as it is about to get interesting…

What happens next?

Post a comment and tell us!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and Anti-M To Star in “Whack a Zombie: the Movie”

  1. Marin

    In the morning, all is quiet. Too quiet. Anna-Liza and Marin disentangle themselves from the sweaty menz… um, Rockies… and creep to the door, bats in hand. Do they dare open the door? Are they (and the sweaty menz) the only survivors in a post-apocalyptic zombie Disneyland?

    A sharp blade of light cuts the gloom of the locker room. Nothing moves.

    They open the door wider. There are no immediate zombie groans, but no other noises either. No city traffic, no birds.

    Cautiously, our intrepid heroines poke their heads out the door and crane to the left and right. And step into the sunshine. Behind them, they can hear the sweaty menz stirring.

  2. Anna-Liza

    We’ll need plenty of closeups of sweaty menz with no shirts … and we’ll have to work firespinning in somehow. Whacking zombies with flaming poi would make some spectacular effects!


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