Pollyanna Puts The Fun Back in Her Bedroom

Lyda here.

As usual, I’ve been reading design magazines and books like mad, and watching lots of design shows. I think I was a decorator in a former life.

I found a new design show called “Fun Shui” – with Stephanie MacWilliams, an expert who makes feng shui and design/home decorating both accessible and fun.

In one show, she talked about the different kinds of headboards and what they do energetically. A big wooden headboard is strong and grounding, for example, while a canopied bed can be romantic and cozy.

I decided that I want a padded headboard – which she said is comforting and soothing – something I need. It would also be good for reading, writing, and drawing in bed (doing more of that lately).

So, I was thinking, how can I make myself a padded headboard, what kind of fabric do I want to use, what kind of frame would it have to have. Coincidentally, I had just moved two big floor pillows into my bedroom from the living room where they were in the way.

Inspiration struck, and I propped them upon the bed as a movable headboard.

They look great and give the bed more presence in the room. They are a deep rich red velvet, which goes with my bedroom’s Chinese/bohemian theme and the gold, red, and touches of purple in the room. I try to ignore the boring white walls and bland tan carpeting; I do rent, y’all. But I digress…

Awesome! And best of all – free!!

I believe this is what those in the biz call “repurposing.”

I repurposed your mom last night…


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Puts The Fun Back in Her Bedroom

  1. lyda Post author

    Heh. It does indeed. And… how often do you get taken up on that? Just askin’ in the spirit of scientific inquiry. Doncha know.


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