Fire and Water and Pollyanna

Hey, Anna-Liza here. It feels weird to write so soon after Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat’s passing, but time goes fast and blog posts go out of date, and I think Tommy would enjoy the idea of trying to hunt herd turkey poults, if not goats …

What is it about summer weekends? They just get so busy so fast. I started to write about the Steamboat trip right after it happened, and BOOM we’re already a week into August! So much more to tell you! So I’ll get on with this one …

Darlin’ K and I had our wedding anniversary July 23rd – our fourth, if you’re counting. Partly to celebrate and partly just ’cause we wanted to and were able to get overnight sitting for the boys, we went to Steamboat Springs Friday evening (the 24th). Darlin’ K spun in a fire show at Strawberry Park Hot Springs that night, then we stayed with friends overnight (hi Erica and Greg! Thanks – 5 star accommodations!)

This isn’t at Steamboat – this was at Confluence Park in Denver, and was taken by Guy Mason, an awesome photographer.

K & a friend - fire duet

This one is from Steamboat … mmmmm, yummy.


(Also by Guy Mason – he’s good, isn’t he?)

Darlin’ K does micro-hydroelectric systems installation and consulting as part of his business, so while we were there he investigated a few potential leads. Nothing is actually happening yet, but he will be in touch with various people and try to set up a couple of days up there to meet with folks who are interested and maybe do a larger informational meeting.

What is micro-hydroelectric? It’s a small hydroelectric system for an individual property or a few who co-op to put one together. It’s only applicable if you have a stream or creek or irrigation on or adjacent to your property, but it’s very low impact on the environment, does not require a dam, does not actually use up any water, and is running 24/7 (as opposed to the amount of time a solar energy system is actually receiving sunlight). If you’re interested, check out Darlin’ K’s website. Go to the “Services” page and scroll down to the bottom.

But enough of the lecture. For me, a non-engineer (with, nonetheless, a geeklike talent for logic and analysis), the fun parts were strolling along the Yampa River while Darlin’ K explained such things as high-flow and low-flow and “head”. I especially enjoyed learning about “head”. Not that soaking in the hot springs pools and watching my husband and friends firespinning under the kind of spectacular starscape one only sees at altitude was exactly dull.

We had a lovely time, had a beautiful drive, and I enjoyed fresh, whole goats’ milk in my tea on Saturday morning, along with good conversation, leisurely knitting, crabmeat scrambled eggs and a spectacular view from Erica & Greg’s deck –  including green valleys, mountaintops, goats and young turkeys. And a goat-herding hippie chihuahua. Those 5-star accommodations I mentioned. Okay, maybe my personal interpretation of 5-star isn’t everyone’s.

But really, if there are working flush toilets, that’s worth a star right there.


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