Pollyanna Celebrates 50!

Over 50,000 views, that is! My 50th birthday isn’t until January. Not that I’m obsessing about being 50 at all…

not that I think about it at all…


Except for the Half-Bucket List looming over my head.

But I digress.

Lyda here. As y’all probably guessed.

So, over 50,000 views gives me an excuse to revisit the search terms that got people here:

No changes to our All-Time Top Search Terms since this post. Alpaca is still #1.

Lately Barbara Billingsley and George Takei are making a move for the top spots.

And variants of CAKE are rising too. Cake. Rising. Heh.

That cake link took me to this t-shirt link, which is where I found this “Stick Figures in Peril” skull t-shirt and this Communist Party t-shirt and this Pirate Squirrels t-shirt and this “You say tomato I say Lycopersicon esculentum” t-shirt and this “Hypotamoose” t-shirt and… Your one-stop online store for cool gifts. Not that I’m hinting or anything… Scroll down to see the shirts in bigger detail.

But I digress again…


  • “knitted brain pattern” *
  • tribles(sic)
  • “weird ways to waste time”   ah, the true purpose of my life…
  • “laugh shark”   you meanz likes dis?
  • “sex goat milking” (added by Anna-Liza when it came up. Heh.)
  • “rainbow swat team” (also added by Anna-Liza)

*  The most brain-like pattern I found is here, a pattern for brain coral which could easily be adapted as a brain. For more inspiration (but not patterns) see the tiny knitted brain here, knitted brain bag here, and these awesome anatomically correct brains: knitted here and quilted here.

Random Not-Really-Related-to-the-Subject Stuff: While wandering about the innernets today, I found this handmade undead sheep stationary . And this zombie uterus pin cushion. Be sure to check out those seller’s other items. Heh.

IMPORTANT AND VERY LATE LINKS: our fabulous Red did a post in June that included some pictures she took with me in mind, she says. PIRATE TWELVENESS!

And I didn’t even see it until today.

Famous and I didn’t even know it.

That’ll teach me.

Teach me what, I don’t know… But something…


Knowing Red gives a whole new meaning to “YOU’VE GOT RED ON YOU“, right, Shaun?


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