Pollyanna is Authentically Weird

Lyda here.

Anna-Liza sent me a link to “The Death of Becoming Something” which in turn had links to “Are you willing to be toast? : Authentic Transformation” and “Live an Authentic Life – 5 Reasons You Might as Well Be Authentic“.

Yes, this is the kind of stuff she sends me. Among other things.

To give you an idea, today I responded to one of her messages by saying I want to sew baby balls. From this Patchwork book – scroll down and click over to pages 4 & 5 of the preview. See? Baby balls.

Balls for babies, that is.

I mean, stuffed balls for babies to play with.

Okay, there is just no way to write it. Because, no matter how I say it, it comes out TWELVE!

Which is pretty much authentically me.

But I digress…


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