Pollyanna, Your Friendly Hunk Scout

Lyda here. HUNK ALERT!!

Today’s the day we can all go to hand eye crafts and nominate our favorite hunks for this year’s Knitter’s Hunk. Here are the winners from the past two years – both are automatically entered, so you are forced to find different hunks to nominate. Oh, the hardship! Here’s her explanation, if you have somehow missed this hunk-fest in the past.

So, go nominate! And then check each day for updates and pictures of gorgeous menz.

Y’all know who I’m nominating, don’t you?

Of course you do.

Oded Fehr.

Oh yeah. I could knit next to him, baby.

Plus he knows how to fight zombies – a skill I look for in my menz.


Edited to add: I put in my nomination for Oded, and also nominated Chris Vance, who stars in “Mental” on Fox (a great show that expects the audience to be able to both think and feel), and  Colin Ferguson, who plays Sheriff Jack Carter on “Eureka” on the Syfy channel (another awesome show, funny and intelligent).

I wanted to nominate Eddie McClintock as well, who is on “Warehouse 13” on Syfy (and much cuter than the pics they have of him on that site – and when he takes his shirt off, oh baby!)…

and Tony Shaloub, not because “Monk” is about to start its last season, but because I think he’s adorable…

and Jackie Chan, ditto…


but I could only nominate three.

So many hunks, so little time…

Hmm… I seem to have a thing for men with dark hair, huh?


One thought on “Pollyanna, Your Friendly Hunk Scout

  1. norquips

    ammmmmhhhh…lots of hunks to be numinated…they are all yummy but Maxwell Zagorski hes so hot during the shot Levi’s Underwear Photo..he is the no. hunks for me..


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