Pollyanna tries to count to three

Lyda here. I got more sleep last night than I’ve been able to get for about three weeks. Granted it was in two-to-three-hour chunks, separated by an hour or so of being awake for no real reason, but because I started early – my first sleep cycle was around 8:30pm – and was able to get back to sleep again each time (after reading in bed for a while), I feel almost rested today.

It’s very hard to sleep without the weight and warmth of a cat on the bed. I really don’t like adjusting to this.

So, I tried the Three Good Things before, and I thought I’d give it another go today. Because it will be good for me to concentrate on good things.

1) I’m going to the library tonight after work. I love the library! I’ll get some magazines, some fiction, some non-fiction… light fun summer reading.

2) Reading your  blogs – as many as I can squeeze in today – will definitely be a Good Thing.

3) Reading a Nora Roberts romance at lunch… it’s a sinfully Good Thing


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