Pollyanna’s Pig–Licking Extravaganza

Lyda here. High time we licked that pig, y’all.

1.)  Stupid sparkly vampire Ken and even-more-vapid-than-usual Barbie.

2.) Girlie condom holders discovered on this post on the same blog, which is a potential treasure trove of pig-licking items. Packed with love. That’s what he said.

3.) Wanna see an Ostrich OMG? Of course you do!

4.) How about a Wizard Sheep?

Okay, y’all just have to check out that blog. Lots of fiber, books, spinning, knitting… coolness. And I found this:

5.) Where I Write which is fun… it’s interesting to see what these writers’ lairs are like.

6.) The Texas Burger Project kinda made me homesick.

7.) That whole blog is full of great pictures of food and the people who make it. A very unusual and cool idea.

8.) Harrison Ford – Don’t Take My Wife, Please!

9.) I don’t know what to say about this. I mean… I’m just… it’s… creepy and  weird and so funny.

10.) William Shatner being goofy. Y’all know I had to do it. I love this blog – another great one for pig-licking.

I found all these by looking at the latest posts on WordPress. Have to check it out regularly now…


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