Pollyanna, Zombie Collector

Lyda here.

I found a humor blog called pleated jeans, where I found this post about My Father, The Zombie. I think the Resident Sith Master could identify with some of that post, living as he does with a zombie-obsessed mom and her Zombie Army. That would be me. In case y’all have forgotten because the zombies have eaten your brains. And if they were my zombies, please accept my apologies.

But I digress…

And then on Quantum Moxie I found this post on the mathematics of zombies which lead me to this article:”Mathematical Model for Surviving a Zombie Attack” which discusses the zombie infection study published in this book on infectious diseases. My kinda research.

Quantum Moxie also has this post commenting on writer/director/producer John Hughes’ death, which includes this You Tube video montage of his movies (“Weird Science” “The Breakfast Club” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” “Pretty in Pink” … there’s a whole list here) – appropriately set to “Teenage Wasteland”. And that led me to this montage set to “Don’t You (forget about me)” which led me to discover this documentary in progress named after that song.

But I digress again…

I am in no way implying that anyone connected with any of John Hughes’ films is or ever was a zombie.

Although we haven’t heard from some of those actors in a while…

Zombies. Back to zombies.

AMC is looking to make a zombie series based on the graphic novel series The Walking Dead.

Want to make your own zombie flick? Be inspired by this trailer for “Colin” (warning – zombie images that some might find gory) which was a hit at Cannes and was made for only $70.00.

But maybe y’all are frightened of all these zombies? Check out What to do in a zombie attack. The family that slays zombies together, stays alive together.

See? Now we’re all prepared for the zombie apocolypse.

Zombies don’t scare us anymore.

Paying our taxes for zombie weapons… now that scares me.


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