Pollyanna Sews Again (Well, She Thinks About It)

Hi Anna-Liza here. I’ve just been given a sewing machine (thank you, Darlin’-K’s-Grandma-Evelyn!), and I’m thinking about sewing stuff. Actually, I’ve been thinking more and more about getting back into sewing, and then the sewing machine gift came along – thank you Universe and Evelyn!

I’m itching to play with my new toy, but I haven’t sewn anything much in years and years. So I’ve been scouting around for some easy, almost-instant-gratification type projects. And here’s a terrific place to get ideas. I found The Object Project from a reference on Twitter. (I also find music and fun people there).

Here’s one of my absolute favorite sites, the Craft magazine craft archives! They post cool crafty stuff every single day, not all sewing by any means. Coolify a boring old lampshade! Build a play kitchen for your kidlet for $10! Make a summer dress out of a worn-out men’s dress shirt! It is The Coolness. You can keep up with them on Twitter – follow @craft and you’re set.

Of course, there’s also Stitch magazine, which I really like but also which my company publishes. But I would like it even if I didn’t work for the publisher! Cross my heart!

Other good sewing sites, anyone? As I said, I’m out of practice, but I used to be a pretty solid intermediate-level seamstress.

And if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Denverish – to – northern – Coloradoish, remember to come to the Festival on Main and the fire show!! Be there or be bored!


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