Knit Pollyanna! Now You Can Do It, Too!

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

I was told I could only drop hints until the preview was up, and I did a couple times, but it was just easier to not talk about it at all, so I quit. Now, however, the preview’s up, and I’m allowed to just brag out loud:

I have a pattern in Interweave Knits’ special issue, Knits Weekend! And I got to model the sweater!

Knits-Weekend-105          casual_flair_cardi-144

It’s in the Staff Projects starting on page 82. Oh wait, it won’t go on sale until September 15th – I got to see an early copy. But hey! Rush right out on September 15th and grab one! (It’s a special issue, so it’s not part of your subscription).

Want to see the preview? I thought so. It’s right here.

I’m in the same issue as Annie Modesitt, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Ann Budd and Connie Chang Chinchio! If I really made that “Squeeee!!” sound, I’d be making it continually and someone would have to shoot me.

It’s not just that I’m in it, and it’s not just that it’s an Interweave publication. There are some incredibly good designs in this issue, and they all look fun to knit. The other staff projects definitely fall into that category – just look at them! (The staff project patterns will all be posted on Knitting Daily on September 18th).

Tell you what, as a grandmother-to-be, I’ve definitely got Stefanie Japel’s Whirligig Shrug on my knit list for my granddaughter. And there are, like, three different sweaters I’m eyeing for myself … of course, I’d have to actually finish something first. But maybe I’ll frog something and do one of these instead. (Gasp!)

I plan to finally update start updating my Ravelry page this weekend. We’ll see what actually happens. I have a lot of new projects to add, and I can finally post this one! Squeeeeee!!!


3 thoughts on “Knit Pollyanna! Now You Can Do It, Too!

  1. mintlatte

    Funny aside – I was looking at that sweater – and thought to myself “do I know that lady?” but I NEVER looked at the designer name! You look great in the pictures!


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