Pollyanna and the Weekend Pirates

Lyda here. It’s that time again – as Marin reminds us. In her own chicken-lovin’ way.

I’m mostly recycling last year’s post on the Random Weirdness of Pirates. How lazy is that. How ecologically minded is that.

Ahoy, maties, this be Lyda. September 19th be Talk Like a Pirate Day! But truly, every day be a good day for piracy! And every day be a good day for Random Weirdness.

So we be bringing ye the classic Random Weirdness of Pirates post! With updated links and such.

And there be no complainin’ that we be recyclin’. Or I’ll keelhaul the lot of ye.

Craft like a pirate:

Here be a roundup from Crafty Minx to Craft Like a Pirate, which has links to lots of pirate and skull booty. (A few of the links have expired, but most of them work.) She also has links to squid and parrot patterns. They be free patterns, ye swabs.

Knitting: Check that link above for lots of knitting patterns. But I have to show you this:  Julie of knittingjuju created a Jolly Fish hat. That be a free pattern too.

Quilting & sewing: First, I be re-introducing ye to The Quilting Pirate. Ahoy, me quilting matie!

It be true. There be fabric for everything: Pirate ship fabric. More pirate fabric including  Pirate monkeys fabric.  They had pages of “skull” fabrics, of ”pirate” fabric, and pages of “parrots” when I searched their site.

They also had 15 fabrics with chickens (hi Marin!). I got this and this for “swine” (when I searched for “pig” I also got a lot of football fabric. Heh.)

But only this fabric came up for “zombie” – sad, very sad.

But I digress…

Crochet: Here be Captain Cute the Pirate Teddy bear for you crocheteers. Get it — crochet? Buccaneers? Oh, never mind.

When I saw it listed as a Pirate Teddy, I thought it meant a sexy pirate teddy to wear during those private meetings with yer first mate. Someone totally has to come up with a Pirate Teddy pattern. Shiver me timbers!

Flaming skull wrist bags for shore leave, ye swabs.

Alas, poor Yorick. Crochet him, Horatio.

Hey, pirates could have read Shakespeare. Maybe they even did “Hamlet” on the high seas. With multi-level sword fights. And Ofelia walking the plank.

But I digress…

And – drum roll please –

the Pirate Piggy Mask!

Instructions here.

Yes! Piratical Pig Licking!

Plus: Embroider like a Pirate! Bead like a Pirate! And check out the felt pirate eyepatch, ya’ll. I mean, maties.

And for yer young pirates to be doin’ after they swab the deck: Pirate crafts .

Talk like a Pirate:

Ye can practice yer pirate lingo with this and their other videos on YouTube.

Sing like a Pirate:

Let’s sing of pirates ! George Harrison and Eric Idle! Yo Ho, Jack Sparrow! And of course, we have to include Gilbert & Sullivan, ’cause he be a pirate king.

I be lovin’ Tim Curry, Professional Pirate. With Muppet pirates!

Fight like a Pirate:

Best. Pirate Swordfight. Ever. Plus ”Hello, my name is…” Hey, he might become a pirate…

A compilation of swordfights. They aren’t all pirates, but some of them are. And – Aragorn!

Quiz like a Pirate:

How much do you know about the Dread Pirate Roberts?

What be yer pirate name? I be Mad Bess Bonny today. But these be the best pirate names .

Laugh like a Pirate:

Cat and Girl explore A Pirate’s Life.

And while we be talkin’ o’ parrots


The Resident Sith Master asked:

“Craft like a pirate?

Does that mean you knit with knives?”


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