Pollyanna Isn’t Ready for This

Anna-Liza here. This is today:

Snow tree closeup

Front yard

knitting with kitties

That is all.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Isn’t Ready for This

    1. Anna-Liza Post author

      Knitting and feline snuggling, great.
      Winter before we’ve even had fall? (And after a truncated summer?) Not so much.

  1. erin

    you’re cat on the left looks just like mine! do you know what kind of cat that is? I’ve been searching for ever and can’t figure it out.
    Thanks E

    1. Anna-Liza Post author

      Don’t know – she’s a mixed breed, but I’ve been calling her a “pastel tortoiseshell”. I think there’s an actual term for that kind of coloring, though.


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