Pollyanna colors outside the lines

Lyda here. Good day for a meme. I took this quiz from House Beautiful magazine’s September 2009 issue, which focuses on finding your color personality.

Here’s their quiz. It asks for one color, but I had multiple answers to most of them.

What’s Your Color Personality?

1. What’s the first color you see in the morning? Other than the ones on the cats’ faces? White, because I rent.

2. What color are your eyes? Hazel. Depending on my mood & colors I’m wearing, they can be vivid green, gray-green, or almost gray – the happier I am & the better I feel, the greener they are. Who need a mood ring? I’ve got mood eyes. But I digress.

3. What color do you wear the most? Royal purple / royal blue / black

4. What color(s) do you never wear? White and pastels

5. What color(s) do you wear when you want to feel sexy? Black

6. What color gets you the most complements? Deep green or rose. A color tester once told me to wear rose if I ever had to testify in court because it is so flattering on me.

7. What color is your lipstick? Uh… don’t wear lipstick, so I guess… nude?

8. What color was your living room when you were growing up? Alice in Wonderland Blue. Really. That was the name of the paint color.

9. What color was your bedroom when you were growing up? Lavender and pink. Shudder.

10. What color(s) are your sheets? Black and white.

11. What color was your favorite crayon as a child? I could never choose just one! I loved all the bright rich colors.

12. What color is your car? White, but my ideal car color would probably be green.

13. What color was your prom dress? Spring green.

14. What’s your favorite gemstone(s)? Amethyst and rose quartz.

15. What is your favorite flower? Yellow daisies. I really like yellow flowers; they are cheerful.

16. What color makes you happiest? Royal purple, yellow.

17. What color depresses you? White. Cool gray. Cool beige.

18. What color calms you? Blue.

19. What color makes you grind your teeth? Pastels. I hate pastels.

20. What color would you like to try, but are scared to? Orange.

Here’s a different color personality quiz from Life Script. Their quizzes are annoying, because before they give you the results, you have to decide if you will subscribe to their email offers. I always put in a fake name and email address, which works fine. But it is still annoying. I included it anyway this time, because “Pollyanna” is one of the answers to Question 8. Heh. I love being an answer, even if I’m not the only choice. This is what it said about me:

YOUR RESULT: Blue Violet

Blue colors your world with emotion. You seldom jump right in, preferring to stand back and watch people and situations closely. Blue people are calm, but can also spiral into sadness. With so much emotion, tears of happiness, sadness, anger, or frustration are quite common.



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