Pollyanna Checks In

… possibly right before checking into a nice room with padded walls…

Lyda here. Whole lot of moving and shaking goin’ on.

Anna-Liza is in the process of moving this month. I’ll let her give the details when she surfaces. Last I heard, she was looking for the duct tape. She did mention something about taping the kids to the walls.

I’m sure she was kidding.

Pretty sure.

I’ll be moving soon too. By January 2nd if not before. The reason is financial, and too depressing to go into. So I won’t go into it.

Places are lining up as possible new living areas. Seattle. Texas. Ohio. Pennsylvania. Colorado may even have an outside chance.

Shh. Don’t tell my employers that I may be leaving the state.

As that wonderful role model said, “I’m reviewing the situation...”

I wonder where my Zombie Army would feel at home?


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