Pollyanna Has A Quickie

Hey, Anna-Liza here, surrounded by full boxes and empty shelves. We’re living in the new house (if you can call this living – it’s sort of like camping without the s’mores) but not completely moved out of the old one yet. I thought I should take a moment to bring you up to date. Might be two moments. Or so.

Let’s see, we started moving on the first, and we have until Sunday to be completely out of the old house. There’s still lots to do, although all the big stuff is moved, mostly small stuff that just didn’t make it into the first, second, third round of boxes and stuff in the garage. We’ve had good weather up ’til now – but today it got cold and started snowing. More of the same expected all weekend.

And Mr. B started throwing up tonight. After Darlin’ K had gone to a fire show in Boulder with a friend. Not sure if he’s contagious or if it’s just from the entire bag of gummy bears he ate earlier in the evening. I’ll tell you what, nothing quite matches the aroma of barfed gummy bears. He mostly made it to the bathroom before throwing up, and he didn’t cry very much. Pretty good for just five years old. Poor kid.

Tracking back a bit, Knitting Sprite’s baby shower was last weekend and I gave her one of the handmade things, a knitted snowsuit made from a “furry” brown yarn, with bear ears on the hood and purple-and-green buttons. I wouldn’t describe it so completely except that I am losing my mind every single day forgot to take pictures before I gave it to her. I’ll have to get some from her, and then I can show you. It’s ridiculously cute.

Speaking of forgetting things, I have been losing stuff right and left. I know it’s mostly because we’re in the middle of moving and whatever isn’t still packed doesn’t always have a permanent home yet, but still. It’s driving me nuts. I have lost my reading glasses twice, my phone charger (luckily K’s is the same kind as mine), the blanket I’m working on for Wee Sprite (twice also), and … and … well, there was something else that was really pissing me off earlier because I couldn’t find it, but now I’ve forgotten what it was.

Damn and blast. I’m going to go put books on shelves. I know it’s weird, but having the books on the shelves will calm me down. See ya when I surface again. Maybe after I’ve figured out where to put the food. The kitchen has tons of storage space, almost all of which I need a two-step stepstool to reach.

Oh yeah, it was the duct tape. That I couldn’t find. To tape the kids to the walls. Still can’t find it.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Has A Quickie

  1. Morwynne

    I can’t help with much unpacking due to my lack of bending-over clearance, but maybe I could bring up some s’mores! And I will definitely get some pics of the adorable bear suit… do you want them soon, or would you like to wait till she’s modeling it?

  2. Anna-Liza Post author

    Yes, pics soon *and* later with a live model! (I want to get a pic on Ravelry soon!) And you could bring s’mores and/or more duct tape … or some other way to keep your little brothers out of the way.

    Hot glue, rubber cement, mucilage … all have their pros and cons, but the main argument is that they’d have to hold still while any of these set up, and that’s not likely to happen. BTW, what is the difference between rubber cement and mucilage? I could never tell.

  3. lyda

    I looked it up. Yes, I will do anything to avoid packing.

    Mucilage is sticky plant secretions mixed with water. It sounds like something altogether grosser. (I always thought it was animal-based. Huh.) Rubber cement was originally from the rubber plant (now made with latex polymers), and is mixed with gasoline or benezine. Which is why rubber cement will destroy your brain cells if you sniff it.

    According to dictionary.com:

    rubber cement 
    –noun a viscous, flammable liquid consisting of unvulcanized rubber dispersed in benzene, gasoline, or the like, used chiefly as an adhesive. Origin: 1890–95

    –noun 1. any of various, usually liquid, preparations of gum, glue, or the like, used as an adhesive. 2. any of various gummy secretions or gelatinous substances present in plants. Origin: 1350–1400

    “Gelatinous”… yum…


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