The Pollyannas are Moving Moving Moving

Hey, Anna-Liza here. In one of those weird synchronistic things, Lyda and I are both in the process of moving. (As you, no doubt, have deduced from recent posts). I am a little ahead of her in this process, as I know where I will be living and have got all my stuff here, and she is still in the packing-and-deciding phase … not at all unusual for me to be a bit ahead of her, of course. (Just kidding, Lyda!)


Ahem, so my life has been all moving, all the time for the past month or so. While I have a wild and spontaneous side, I also know that I require roots. Specifically, in order to stay sane I must have my own space and know where all my stuff is, and preferably be able to find it when I want it.

This is pretty difficult to acheive in a house with another adult, two kids, and two cats, but at the moment it’s damn near impossible.

We’ve got the entire contents of our old home moved into the new home and its attendant garage (at last), but it’s almost all still in boxes, and lots of the boxes, though labelled, did not make it to the appropriate spot in the new home.

And of course, a number of the boxes were re-used for new things once they’d been emptied, but not relabelled. And some were never labelled at all. Or the labels were from the last time we moved. So it’s like an old hoarder/cat lady’s house a treasure hunt without a map around here.

And then Mr. B started throwing up last Friday. We thought it was because he’d eaten an entire bag of gummy bears, but no. He was contagious. Mr. R started throwing up in the middle of the night Sunday. And Darlin’ K is coughing and feeling pretty tired and achy, but no fever.

Witness Anna-Liza, barely sane.

So what am I doing to cope? Consciously, I’m not doing anything. My body has taken over and made me sick, too. I have a pretty bad cold, plus laryngitis. And the laryngitis is worse today than yesterday. Yesterday, I could croak audibly if absolutely necesary, but I can’t even do that today. I had to email in sick this morning! Thus this middle-of-the-work-day post. I’m trying to restrain myself from doing much physical work, but I just had to empty at least one box yesterday, and I will probably have to do that again today.

Half my brain wants to take this down time to balance the checkbook, and the other half wants to have real down time – curl up on the couch and reread The Lord of the Rings (I’m about a third of the way through The Return of the King) or maybe watch the first LOTR movie and knit. Maybe both. Maybe all three.

However, this place is starting feel a bit more like home now, even with having to thread my way through a maze of boxes. It’s larger than our old place, and even more charming, and we’re only half a block from the library now. And despite the non-self-cleaning oven (I got spoiled), the kitchen’s nicer. And it has an arched front door! I just love unusual front doors – arched, carved, set into a corner instead of flat, love love love.

See? Charming. Arched door. Love love love.

So wish me luck on the organizing/unpacking/putting away. And wish Lyda luck in choosing what she wants to do (and figuring out what she really wants to do instead of what all her friends and family are telling her to do. Except me, of course. We all know that she really wants to move to Colorado. She probably won’t make it in time for our annual Christmas Tree Hunt this year, but she might be here in time for Mr. B’s birthday!


2 thoughts on “The Pollyannas are Moving Moving Moving

  1. lyda

    I love love love your new front door too! Too bad there isn’t a garage apartment in which to stash a friend and her two cats…

  2. lyda

    And you are ALWAYS ahead of me. Not just this move, but moving out of Texas, not to mention marriage and having kids.

    But I do think it’s cheating to get Knitting Sprite in on it with the whole grandbaby thing. (Another Move-Lyda-to-Colorado incentive – a baby to cuddle. You really don’t play fair 🙂


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