Pollyanna and the Pig-Licking of Thanksgiving

Hey there, Anna-Liza here. I usually leave the pig-licking to Lyda, because she’s so darn good at it (wait, what?), but I still have a house full of boxes and no voice, and Thanksgiving is imminent, and and and … so I figured I might as well force our readers into a similar state of distraction find a way to use this scattered state of mind for good. Well, for entertainment, anyway.

Thanksgiving! Gah! I’m making a (mostly) traditional dinner, but I’m deliberately planning it for leftovers, as only two thirds of my family will be here on the day itself.  Zombie Son, Knitting Sprite and her guy will be spending the day with their dad and stepmom and some family friends, but we’re still trying to coordinate schedules so they can all be here at the same time at some later point in the weekend.

So what should we call the guy of Knitting Sprite? I’ve already started calling my granddaughter-to-be “Wee Sprite”, as it seems like the only way to go, really, but what of Wee Sprite’s dad? I think I may have pondered this before, but didn’t come to a conclusion as he is rarely mentioned here. I’ve a feeling he’ll be mentioned more regularly now. So let’s see … hmmm …

MOKS? GOKS? (Man of Knitting Sprite, Guy of Knitting Sprite). Nah, GOKS sounds like an evil species out of Tolkien, and MOKS is too close to Moxie, the head kitty around here.

Outlaw Son? Since they’re not married, so he’s not technically my son-in-law. But … mmm, not really the right vibe.

Well, I’m open to suggestions. He’s tall and blond, athletic, bearded, wears hats, is a student of capoeira and is something of a Luddite. He’s a really good guy. OH! And he’s learning to knit! I’ve been asked to be available on a consulting basis.

Back to Thanksgiving (can I digress in a post that is all a series of digressions, really?) here’s the blog post that, in a weird way, inspired me to lick the pig. A pumpkin shortage? I did notice that there were no double-size cans of Libby’s puree at my grocery store, but there were still plenty of singles. And there are other brands. (Gasp! Blasphemy!) I always save a Libby’s label so I have The Recipe, just in case.

And you have heard, no doubt, of the looming Eggo shortage? Yes, Kellogg’s is now rationing Eggos. You know, just as with the Libby’s pumpkin, there are lots and lots of other brands of frozen waffles out there, and lots of them are (dare I say it?) better than Eggos.

I should perhaps mention that one could dig out that waffle iron one received for one’s wedding and make one’s own fresh hot waffles. It’s not much more difficult than making pancakes, which is to say not at all. And far tastier than the frozen varieties, although I do understand the workday time crunch may relegate this solution to weekends.

You know, the leisurely weekend breakfast, with waffles and syrup (or fruit and whipped cream), bacon, coffee, orange juice, and the morning paper? Or pleasant conversation with loved ones? Remember those?

do remember those. We’ll have to do one sometime soon. Oh wait, the morning paper and pleasant conversation was pre-kids … well, I’m sure I can still enjoy such a breakfast while talking about Scooby-Doo, Pokémon, and Bakugan.

And, another digression-within-a-digression here, were you even aware of the existence of waffle-recipe.com? Me either. I bet they’re getting to be very popular now, though!

I’ve bought the turkey – about 13 pounds. I have it in the fridge. However, I have very little faith in it actually thawing. I have never had any luck thawing a turkey in the fridge. Maybe if I bought it and put in there a month ahead? Anyway, I’m giving it another try, but I’m also expecting that at some point, I’m going to have to do it the old-fashioned highly dangerous way. You know, the way all our moms did without ever poisoning any of us?

And I still have to get the stuff for the green salad, and I forgot the cranberry sauce. I used to make my own, but Darlin’ K confessed that he actually prefers the jellied, canned kind, so that’s one thing crossed of the list. (The salad recipe is at the bottom of that post I linked to).

I don’t make my own pie crusts, either. I surely admire anyone who makes really good homemade pie crust, but mine turns out slightly less good than the frozen kind, so why torture myself or my family? I do make the filling using the Libby’s recipe on the can. I’ve never found a better one. I don’t care much for all the fancy “pumpkin chiffon” or “pumpkin cheesecake” substitutes.

For me, Thanksgiving is all about the comfort food. Green bean casserole with fried onions on top. Pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. Mashed potatoes with freshly made turkey gravey.

But I do diverge on some points. Can’t bear that sweet-potato-with-marshmallows casserole, so I usually bake garnet yams instead. Same way you bake potatoes. They are so sweet on their own and very yummy this way, no need at all for brown sugar or anything else, although you do need to put a cookie sheet under them or they might bubble over and leave black sticky globs on the bottom of your oven. Yum.

And after Thanksgiving, on Saturday, we’ll be having our annual Christmas Tree Hunt! At the moment it looks like the weather is going to cooperate. And we now have higher ceilings and more space, so we can maybe get a less Charlie-Brown-like slightly larger, fuller tree this year. No idea where it will go yet, but hey. What’s Christmas without moving furniture? Although, you know, we’ve just done a lot of that.

Wow. You know what? I think I need a nap.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Pig-Licking of Thanksgiving

  1. lyda

    Drooling over the food. I’m having Turkey Day on Saturday, but I’ve still got to get all the food to cook. Mmmm, mashed potatoes…

    Today on Oprah: “Men Who Knit, and the Women Who Guard their Stash from them.”

    I think we should call him “HeMan Sprite”. Or “Manly Sprite”. Or…

    maybe we can just call him George.


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