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Pollyanna Rings in the New Year, Random Weirdness Style

Lyda here.

Random Weirdness Ringing in 2010

1o.) Ten – Powers of… Check out this site about the Powers of 10. Pure geeky fun.

 Bonus 10: Ten food and drink trends for 2010 from

9.) Nine cities with birth rates climbing in 2010?  Ripley’s Fertility Statue Tour

8.) Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun – I love these!

7.) Seven new man-made wonders of the world here’s how it began and you can vote for the seven new natural wonders of the world!

6.) Six Degrees of Separation  led to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which led to SixDegrees.Org founded by Kevin Bacon – of course.  I myself have a Bacon number of  3 – I performed in a production of Woody Allen’s “Play it Again, Sam” with Alan Sues  who has a Bacon number of 2. BTW, this is the scene I did.

5.) Five golden rings – and at least five gold medals for the USA! Steven Colbert saves the Olympics.

Also:  The Top Five Weird Jobs. They had me at “zombie”. And then they added porn! What Pollyanna could resist?

And here’s a very serious Five: Five Wishes, a living will that is legal in 42 states (including California and Colorado). If you don’t currently have a living will, consider this one – which only costs $5 per copy. Be sure to follow the instructions at the end.

4.) “Four and a half Billion Years and all we have to show for it is rat shit .” Very Pythonesque:   The Top Ten Stories of the last 4.5 billion years, from Be sure not to miss the complete history of art. Twelve!

3.) Threes – the Book of. Site all about threes. This article is about fashion and says this collection conveys “the sense of innocence on the cusp of broken dreams.” Three fates, three witches, three Musketeers (yes, that’s Barbie and her friends as Musketeers – pretty weird)… Let’s all count to 3 with the Count (poor Kermit)…

2.) Two – days until I have to be out of this place. The kitchen is packed thanks to Sith Master and his two friends. The garage only has stuff I’m throwing away in it (what the **** am I going to do with that stuff???). The patio is clear off. The ice chest and the cat carrier have been cleaned off and left to dry. The U-Haul is reserved for tomorrow.

And I still haven’t heard about the apartment. Once I finish this, I’m off to pay for a month’s rental on a storage unit. Sigh.

And two wonderful cats looking for a home  if I don’t get the apartment.

Double sigh.

I’d rather be playing this TWO with the Sith Master!  Warning: that link is full of violence, adult language – and clown zombies… Be afraid, be very afraid.

1.) One million dollars! All you have to do is photograph Bigfoot within the given parameters. Colorado types, take note!

And one… (the rest of) one night until I’m fifty.

Count to ONE!   

 One cookie lost at the disco!  

Make it so, Number One!



Pollyanna’s New Year

Hey, Anna-Liza here. My New Year’s plans include being Darlin’ K-less at midnight, as he has a fire gig up in the mountains and won’t make it back until after midnight, but that’s okay – it’s a great gig. And taking my kidlets to a pajama party with friends, where Darlin’ K will join us when he can with prudent driving. (Y’hear that, K? Prudent driving. It won’t hurt us at all if you’re half an hour later than you thought you’d be – the point is to get there in one piece. And that goes for everyone else on the road tonight).

But I digress. Speaking of which …

Did you know that January 1st is Lyda’s birthday? Yes it is. She’s going to be starting this year with some really significant changes, as you know if you’ve been reading our stuff. She’s had a rough 2009, and her personal year begins with the western world’s year, so maybe wish her a double Happy New Year, eh?

And to you, too. Everyone I know has had a rough 2009, except maybe my daughter who carried and gave birth to her daughter in 2009, you might just recall. So for all of us …

A very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and yours, in every way possible. And may we all remember to love and take care of one another. Welcome, 2010!

Pollyanna Administers a Good Hard Blocking

Hey, Anna-Liza here, having had a most relaxing and lovely Christmas. On Christmas Day itself, I didn’t even get out of my pajamas all day, which to me is a GOOD day. (This will also explain the pictures). All my kids were here, and my Outlaw Son and my granddaughter!

Cuteness threatened to blow the roof off, but we managed to keep it reasonably contained.

Wee Sprite showed up in her bear suit, made by me (and posted on Ravelry).

According to Outlaw Son, Mr. R’s first remark upon seeing her was “All hail the baby within the bear suit, made by the hands of my mommy!” Knitting Sprite’s comment to me was, “He’s definitely been reading Tolkien.”

Which he has. He’s finished The Hobbit and is now reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Yes, he’s eight, why do you ask?

The bear suit’s even cuter with a Wee Sprite in it.


I was given some truly lovely gifts, I can’t even begin to pick a favorite. A gift certificate for a massage, another to spend at a bookstore, yet another for one of my favorite coffee places (Ziggi’s) … but there are two that are extra special.

First, the kidlets painted a travel mug for me, inside and out, at Crackpots. They each put a handprint on and then freestyled the rest. It’s gorgeous and I’m afraid I won’t ever use it because I don’t want anything to happen to it. But I’ll get over that and use it sooner or later.

The second is from Darlin’ K. It’s a beautiful sheet of styrofoam insulation board, 2″ x 4′ x 8′. He didn’t try to wrap it (which is just as well, he’s not completely crazy) – he just put a bow on it and leaned it against the wardrobe in the dining room. Isn’t it beautiful?

Wait, you don’t mean to say you don’t know why this is a great gift, do you? You don’t? Of course you do – it’s a ginormous blocking board! And it’s rigid, so I can lay it on the dining room table and pin out my knitting without being on my hands and knees – much much easier than blocking on the floor! And besides, it’s all hardwood floors in this house – nothing to pin to.

Take a look – I finally blocked a six-foot-long rectangular lace shawl I finished knitting three years ago!


Now, there is some story to this. I’ve been wanting to get just such a thing ever since I finished the shawl, but for various reasons never did it. A few days before Christmas, I woke up from a dream in which I had, in fact, acquired my blocking board and had taken the shawl out of the zipper bag in which it had reposed lo these many years, and … the moths had gotten it.

I woke up in a near panic.

So first I found the shawl and made sure it was okay. It was. Then I informed Darlin’ K that, if he had not yet bought me a Christmas gift, I would tell him what to get me. And if he didn’t want to get it for my Christmas gift, tell me now and I would go get it myself. Now. Today. Before incurring any greater risk of my shawl being eaten before I could wear it. He came home with it strapped to the top of the Subaru, after completing his other shopping. He didn’t even laugh at me for being so excited about it, which is the mark of a true mate for a knitter.

I blocked the shawl with points along the main portion, although the original pattern showed it blocked with straight sides. I am going to try this out and see if I like it – it does bring out the curvy lines in the pattern nicely. If I don’t like it, I can always reblock it.


I just love saying that … I can reblock it! I can block it any time I want! So there!

Pollyanna and the Hard Day’s Night

Karunwi Kydia here.

According to my spam email, anyway.

I think it’s a great name for a sci-fi character.

Or for a band.

But you know, Havi tells me it’s just one guy. (See the stuff under “And… playing live at the meme house”.)

Oh, and of course I have to share this link about Zombie Yule! (It’s there, under “Permission to Hide”.) Zombie Yule! That’s what we have at our house! Although this Yule we also watched Harry Potter.

The spam name cracks me up. But, you know, it could just be me. I am operating on not much sleep and too much packing and way too much drama. And let’s not even talk about the nutrition. A woman who is trying to clear out her fridge and not buy anything new is allowed to eat weirdly, right?

As of this writing – Tuesday night – no news on whether I got the apartment. I could be moving into the apartment, or moving in with my wonderful friends. Nothing like going down to the wire.

I plan to spend Thursday finishing the packing, Friday moving everything I own. And Saturday and Sunday unpacking and arranging.

Tonight I tackle the fabric and yarn, and pack up my sewing machine.

Y’all know moving day is close when the fiber gets packed.

T minus 2 days and counting…

Pollyanna versus the Newly Empty Nest

Lyda here.

The Resident Sith Master moved out today.

That’s right. This Sith Master is Resident no more. Yes, a Monty Python reference. What did you expect? But I digress…

Early this morning his dad came over, and they started loading things up. Putting the bed on top of the car was a big clue.

But I knew it was really happening when my son packed up his video games.

I left before they did, so I wouldn’t blubber all over him, and in front of my ex.

It’s been coming for two months. He’d already packed up his stuff. And they spent time last week painting his room at his dad’s house and got him a new desk from Ikea and generally prepared the space for full-time occupancy, instead of the occasional weekend.

And we have to be out of our apartment at the end of this week.

So I knew it was going to happen.

But I cried all the way to work.

Yes, he’s going to be fine – he’ll be safe and loved and happy, he’ll spend guy time with his dad, he’ll be with his dogs.

The crying is not about that.

Today it’s about me.

And how much I already miss him.


Excuse me, I need a Monty Python-meets-Star Trek clip.

Ah. Brought a wan smile to my lips.

Perhaps y’all can suggest some others that will sustain me in the packing-moving-and-missing-my-son days to come.

T-minus 3 days to my move and counting…

Pollyanna Versus the Endless Apartment Search

Lyda here.

It sure feels like this search is endless. Haven’t found the place yet. Heck, it’s not like I have to move next week or anything.

Wait… I DO have to move next week.

I hit the rental ads again today. Spoke to a lot of people, but no one with an immediately available apartment in my price range that takes cats. Left some messages. I have two leads – one nearby, one a distance away. Hopefully I’ll be able to see these places and apply tomorrow or Monday. Nothing more I can do today, so I’m doing this post instead. 

It’s looking bad for keeping the cats at this point. I cannot even talk about how bad I feel about that, how sad and guilty and lonely it makes me feel. And if I can’t keep them, what will happen to them?

And I’m afraid that I won’t be able to find anyone who will take me because of my credit history and my situation with my current landlord.

And in the midst of all of this, my body is freaking out. I’m having a huge fibromyalgia flare-up which is causing me a lot of pain, loss of sleep, and screwing up my digestive process (I will spare you the details).

And my right knee and my right achilles tendon have been excruitatingly painful for the last two weeks and have practically refused to work at all.

Which could be related to the fibromyalgia. Or it could be the extra physical exertion. Or the stress. Or the lack of sleep. Or something as yet undiagnosed because I haven’t had the time / energy / courage to make a doctor’s appointment about it.

Or it could be all of the above.

To add to the overwhelm, my *expletive deleted* current landlord just stopped by with another *expletive deleted* letter in a sealed envelope. Which so far has been the opposite of good news. I’m afraid to open it, and so I’m beating myself up for being afraid, and for not opening it, and for even being in this *expletive deleted* situation which was totally created by my own stuff.

A lot of beating myself up is going on.

Yet there is a tiny voice inside saying that opening it tomorrow – when my son can hold my hand and my brother and my BF will probably both be available by phone for support – will not make any difference in the cosmic scheme of things.

And also it is totally okay that I can’t spell “scheme” today without looking it up. Edited on 12/31 to add: I finally looked it up and corrected the spelling – I was spelling “scheme” as “squeem” – which says isn’t a word. Apparently it is a brand of shapewear. Rubber underwear. Curiouser and curiouser. And have you noticed, the models never look as though they need this kind of support wear? Not that anyone really needs it. It can’t be good for your internal organs, being that squashed.

But I digress…

And it is okay that my heart is pounding just a bit about all of this.

Okay, a lot.

Trying not to go into a full panic attack.

Breathe. Think of something else. Listen to happy son killing zombies with his friend on his new game. Look at adorable cats curled up and sleeping on packing paper. Remember that it will all work out okay somehow.

It’s okay that I don’t know how it will work out. It’s okay that I’m scared. It’s okay that I want to distract myself for tonight and deal with it when I’m rested and fed and have support. It’s okay that I don’t know where I’m moving yet.

It’s okay.

And so I interrupt this post with happy things.

I spent Xmas Eve and Xmas morning with the Resident Sith Master. We had a great time, both of us enjoying our presents and not minding at all that there were not more. He got me two videos – one for my birthday which I opened early so the present doesn’t get lost in the move: the new Star Trek movie, and “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” (1993). He went to his dad’s before lunch, and I was happy because he goes to his dad’s happily now and I’m so pleased that their relationship is in such a great place.

I settled down to a day of watching TV and eating chocolate. In my robe. Watched some of “Fido” and some old Sherlock Holmes movies, and some “Clean House” and some of just whatever I wandered across. I took a short nap, even. RSM surprised me by coming home for dinner – I wasn’t expecting him back until this morning – and we had a nice relaxed evening and watched more TV together.

Today I spent some quality time killing zombies with RSM, and then listening to him play with Second Son who lives in New York. And now listening to him play with his friend who’s home from college for the holidays.

Just being in the same space with my son is the best thing ever.

And I spent some quality time today catching up on the blogs on our blogroll, which are funny and insightful and informative and touching and… Y’all are just fabulous!

I spent some quality time petting each cat. Ditto laughing at their antics.

I spent some wonderful time talking with Gorgeous and Available Engineer Brother, which is always quality time. I spent great time yesterday talking with Gorgeous and Younger Brother, which is also always quality time.

And yesterday, Anna-Liza and I had a fantastic and long conversation which was the best present she could ever give me – herself.

So, the wonderful still and always outweighs the ick.

Tomorrow is another day.

And, no matter what, it will all be okay.

Pollyanna and the Month-Old Meme

Lyda here. I stole this meme from hand eye crafts. As you can tell from the first link, I’m reading back posts of blogs, trying to catch up on everyone. Who found this meme on Knitting in the Shadows.


What are your current obsessions?

Pretty much the usual: TV, zombies, weirdness, and chocolate. Not necessary in that order. Oh, and sex of course, but that’s a given, right?

Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?

I don’t really have a “wardrobe” I have a “motley and very small group of clothes”. If you asked “what item do you like most” I’d say, my skull-and-crossbones sneakers, which always remind me of Gorgeous and Available Brother, Marin, and Muppet Treasure Island.

What’s for dinner?

Probably fast food. Again. Don’t judge.

What’s your greatest fear at the moment?
That I won’t find a place to live, and that I’ll never get my money situation straightened out – these two are neck-and-neck right now.

What are you listening to?

Silence. In the car, the radio – but completely avoiding Xmas music.

If you were a goddess what would you be?

An earth goddess, that’s me. Why, what have you heard?

What are your favorite holiday spots?

Where the redwoods are. Haven’t been in years. Love it so much I sob all the way home. Sedona is very cool too. Disneyland is a big favorite. But my happiest place for any holiday or vacation is anywhere with my son.

What are you reading right now?
Having just finished re-reading all of Terry Prachett’s books (for the billionth time) – except for his newest which I don’t have yet – I’m now re-reading all the Harry Potter books, in order (of course). I’m halfway through year 3. No library books for me until after I move. I’m terrified I’ll lose one of their books in the move.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sitting on the couch watching TV all day in my nightgown. Stupid old monster movies, “America’s Top Model”, and almost any design/decorator show rank high on the guilty pleasure list.

Who or what makes you laugh?

My son, the Resident Sith Master. Anna-Liza. Gorgeous and Available Brother. The kittens. Monty Python. Mel Brooks. “South Park”. Old movies.

What is your favorite spring winter thing to do?

Snuggle on the couch under a blanket and watch movies.

What is the best thing you ate or drank?

Food has lost its taste. That happens to me when I’m stressed.

When was the last time you were tipsy?

Several years ago, after two very alcohol-filled margueritas with friends. RSM thought it was very funny.

What is your favourite ever film?

Oh, who can pick just one?

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your children?

It isn’t the last Diet Coke in the world.

What song can’t you get out of your head?

The last song I heard, usually. Right now, I’ve got Michael Jackson songs running around in my head.

What book do you know you should read but refuse to?

Depressing classics – I refuse to read them, no matter how good they are.

What is your favourite color?

Blue, no green… Ahhhhh…. (as he falls into the chasm crossed by the Bridge of Death).

Actually, purple is probably it right now.

What do you like to think about while you are waiting to fall asleep?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Heh, got ya.

Usually I read myself to sleep, and so I think about the book, and sometimes put myself into the story. Which is why I’m reading about Hogwarts, because that is my ideal home and I need a home right now.