Pollyanna versus the Sprinklers of Doom

Lyda here.

Well, maybe they weren’t Sprinklers of Doom per se, but they did go on about halfway through my yard sale this morning. I had to laugh, and the people who were shopping helped me quickly cover the sprinkler heads with bins and such, so we didn’t get too wet. At that point, I declared a 1-cent sale and a lot of stuff went off to new homes. Only dripping a bit…

Fortunately the books didn’t get wet. That’s what matters, right? And they all went off to new homes with bookaphiles.

We were up at 5:30 a.m., and started carrying stuff out of the apartment pretty much right away. One of the Resident Sith Master’s friends got here at 6 a.m. to help, and the neighbor loaned us a hand truck to cart the stuff down to the street.

I swear, y’all, there were people there as soon as I put the first thing on the grass. Every time the guys brought a fresh load, these people started scrabbling through the boxes like we’d hidden diamonds inside. It was wild! But they bought a lot of stuff so I was happy.

After the first rush, there was a short lull which gave me time to actually unwrap the stuff and put it out. Then more people and more, stopping their cars any which way and grabbing stuff and standing in line to pay me. It was a yard sale frenzy out there!

I learned long ago, the secret with a successful yard sale is put them out early and price things low. I didn’t sell anything for over $10 – even RSM’s old bike went for $5, although I could have sold it ten times over. Most of it went for $1 or less, and people walked away happily with boxes of stuff.

And it was all over by 8, although I had to wait for someone to come pick up some big things they’d paid for. I paid my helpers more than they expected, and all together still cleared almost a hundred dollars.

I left the remnants on the grass with a “FREE” sign. Hopefully it will all be gone by nightfall. And I won’t have to pile it in my car and take it to donate. Cut out the middle man.

I’m achy and sore from all the work – we spent yesterday packing and clearing stuff too – but I feel like we’ve made a lot of progress toward the move. 

Next step: finding a new apartment. Scary, kids! It’s not finding a place, it’s finding one that’s in my budget and that will take the cats too. Sigh.

For now I’m off to the recycling center, as there’s a pile of bottles and cans in my garage. My now almost-empty garage.

Soda bottles and cans of course.

Although mimosas would have been nice this morning. And a margarita sounds terrific right about now.

But I digress…


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