Pollyanna Administers a Good Hard Blocking

Hey, Anna-Liza here, having had a most relaxing and lovely Christmas. On Christmas Day itself, I didn’t even get out of my pajamas all day, which to me is a GOOD day. (This will also explain the pictures). All my kids were here, and my Outlaw Son and my granddaughter!

Cuteness threatened to blow the roof off, but we managed to keep it reasonably contained.

Wee Sprite showed up in her bear suit, made by me (and posted on Ravelry).

According to Outlaw Son, Mr. R’s first remark upon seeing her was “All hail the baby within the bear suit, made by the hands of my mommy!” Knitting Sprite’s comment to me was, “He’s definitely been reading Tolkien.”

Which he has. He’s finished The Hobbit and is now reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Yes, he’s eight, why do you ask?

The bear suit’s even cuter with a Wee Sprite in it.


I was given some truly lovely gifts, I can’t even begin to pick a favorite. A gift certificate for a massage, another to spend at a bookstore, yet another for one of my favorite coffee places (Ziggi’s) … but there are two that are extra special.

First, the kidlets painted a travel mug for me, inside and out, at Crackpots. They each put a handprint on and then freestyled the rest. It’s gorgeous and I’m afraid I won’t ever use it because I don’t want anything to happen to it. But I’ll get over that and use it sooner or later.

The second is from Darlin’ K. It’s a beautiful sheet of styrofoam insulation board, 2″ x 4′ x 8′. He didn’t try to wrap it (which is just as well, he’s not completely crazy) – he just put a bow on it and leaned it against the wardrobe in the dining room. Isn’t it beautiful?

Wait, you don’t mean to say you don’t know why this is a great gift, do you? You don’t? Of course you do – it’s a ginormous blocking board! And it’s rigid, so I can lay it on the dining room table and pin out my knitting without being on my hands and knees – much much easier than blocking on the floor! And besides, it’s all hardwood floors in this house – nothing to pin to.

Take a look – I finally blocked a six-foot-long rectangular lace shawl I finished knitting three years ago!


Now, there is some story to this. I’ve been wanting to get just such a thing ever since I finished the shawl, but for various reasons never did it. A few days before Christmas, I woke up from a dream in which I had, in fact, acquired my blocking board and had taken the shawl out of the zipper bag in which it had reposed lo these many years, and … the moths had gotten it.

I woke up in a near panic.

So first I found the shawl and made sure it was okay. It was. Then I informed Darlin’ K that, if he had not yet bought me a Christmas gift, I would tell him what to get me. And if he didn’t want to get it for my Christmas gift, tell me now and I would go get it myself. Now. Today. Before incurring any greater risk of my shawl being eaten before I could wear it. He came home with it strapped to the top of the Subaru, after completing his other shopping. He didn’t even laugh at me for being so excited about it, which is the mark of a true mate for a knitter.

I blocked the shawl with points along the main portion, although the original pattern showed it blocked with straight sides. I am going to try this out and see if I like it – it does bring out the curvy lines in the pattern nicely. If I don’t like it, I can always reblock it.


I just love saying that … I can reblock it! I can block it any time I want! So there!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Administers a Good Hard Blocking

  1. lyda

    Hey look – still a knitting blog! Great present – and the others sound great too.

    Need I say that Wee Sprite is adorable? And the bear suit is just too cute on her.


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