Pollyanna and the Hard Day’s Night

Karunwi Kydia here.

According to my spam email, anyway.

I think it’s a great name for a sci-fi character.

Or for a band.

But you know, Havi tells me it’s just one guy. (See the stuff under “And… playing live at the meme house”.)

Oh, and of course I have to share this link about Zombie Yule! (It’s there, under “Permission to Hide”.) Zombie Yule! That’s what we have at our house! Although this Yule we also watched Harry Potter.

The spam name cracks me up. But, you know, it could just be me. I am operating on not much sleep and too much packing and way too much drama. And let’s not even talk about the nutrition. A woman who is trying to clear out her fridge and not buy anything new is allowed to eat weirdly, right?

As of this writing – Tuesday night – no news on whether I got the apartment. I could be moving into the apartment, or moving in with my wonderful friends. Nothing like going down to the wire.

I plan to spend Thursday finishing the packing, Friday moving everything I own. And Saturday and Sunday unpacking and arranging.

Tonight I tackle the fabric and yarn, and pack up my sewing machine.

Y’all know moving day is close when the fiber gets packed.

T minus 2 days and counting…


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