Pollyanna Rings in the New Year, Random Weirdness Style

Lyda here.

Random Weirdness Ringing in 2010

1o.) Ten – Powers of… Check out this site about the Powers of 10. Pure geeky fun.

 Bonus 10: Ten food and drink trends for 2010 from epicurious.com

9.) Nine cities with birth rates climbing in 2010?  Ripley’s Fertility Statue Tour

8.) Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun – I love these!

7.) Seven new man-made wonders of the world here’s how it began and you can vote for the seven new natural wonders of the world!

6.) Six Degrees of Separation  led to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which led to SixDegrees.Org founded by Kevin Bacon – of course.  I myself have a Bacon number of  3 – I performed in a production of Woody Allen’s “Play it Again, Sam” with Alan Sues  who has a Bacon number of 2. BTW, this is the scene I did.

5.) Five golden rings – and at least five gold medals for the USA! Steven Colbert saves the Olympics.

Also:  The Top Five Weird Jobs. They had me at “zombie”. And then they added porn! What Pollyanna could resist?

And here’s a very serious Five: Five Wishes, a living will that is legal in 42 states (including California and Colorado). If you don’t currently have a living will, consider this one – which only costs $5 per copy. Be sure to follow the instructions at the end.

4.) “Four and a half Billion Years and all we have to show for it is rat shit .” Very Pythonesque:   The Top Ten Stories of the last 4.5 billion years, from Onion.com. Be sure not to miss the complete history of art. Twelve!

3.) Threes – the Book of. Site all about threes. This article is about fashion and says this collection conveys “the sense of innocence on the cusp of broken dreams.” Three fates, three witches, three Musketeers (yes, that’s Barbie and her friends as Musketeers – pretty weird)… Let’s all count to 3 with the Count (poor Kermit)…

2.) Two – days until I have to be out of this place. The kitchen is packed thanks to Sith Master and his two friends. The garage only has stuff I’m throwing away in it (what the **** am I going to do with that stuff???). The patio is clear off. The ice chest and the cat carrier have been cleaned off and left to dry. The U-Haul is reserved for tomorrow.

And I still haven’t heard about the apartment. Once I finish this, I’m off to pay for a month’s rental on a storage unit. Sigh.

And two wonderful cats looking for a home  if I don’t get the apartment.

Double sigh.

I’d rather be playing this TWO with the Sith Master!  Warning: that link is full of violence, adult language – and clown zombies… Be afraid, be very afraid.

1.) One million dollars! All you have to do is photograph Bigfoot within the given parameters. Colorado types, take note!

And one… (the rest of) one night until I’m fifty.

Count to ONE!   

 One cookie lost at the disco!  

Make it so, Number One!



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