Pollyanna Says “I’ve got your update right here”

Lyda here. Anna-Liza insists on an “Update! Update dammit!” so I thought I’d better do one. It is not a good idea to annoy her. Trust me. This is kind of long – I’m warning you.

I’m settled into the Disney House – my friends are really into Disney and their place has all kinds of cool Disney memorabilia everywhere. And not a zombie in sight.

I’m at the library right now. My friends, let’s call them Disney Man and Disney Woman, have internet, but I haven’t set up my computer over there yet.

Here’s the update:

I haven’t heard from the apartment I applied for. I’ve given up on it. I don’t think it was for me.

The Sith Master and his two excellent friends and I moved my stuff yesterday. We put some stuff in a storage unit. I took to the Disney House most of my books, my bed, TV, my little stereo, my old VCR, movies & music, my computer – and my sewing machine and fabric – of course. Oh, yeah, and my clothes.

As for the rest of my possessions – we put the semi-decent stuff out front of the old place for people to take (which they did – only the desk chair was left by this morning), and my neighbor with a truck got rid of the rest (he took some to Goodwill and some to the dump.

It took all day to get everything packed into the UHaul and stuff unpacked into the storage unit and the other stuff delivered to the Disney House. We started at 9 a.m. and we dropped off the truck at 7 p.m. I paid my three workers and took the Sith Master to dinner at the first place we found that was open. Then I took him to his dad’s and went in to see his room. It looks great, much more grown-up, with the tan paint and the dresser and two bookcases that had been at our place, plus his new desk. He’s pretty much unpacked.

I spent the night at the Disney House, in my own bed surrounded by my boxes.

Happy 50th Birthday to me!

This morning, I went back to the old place, where the cats had spent the night alone. One of the women from work came over with her husband, and their friend who adopted Cato. I also gave her a basket of Cato’s favorite cat toys, the Furminator, and the half-bag of cat food I had left.

My coworker’s husband was a real soft touch – he tried to talk the friend into taking both cats (by the time they got to her house he may have succeeded), but he would not hear of Mace going to the shelter and insisted that he has a coworker who will adopt him. I would not have taken him to the shelter. I was actually going to take him to my vet’s, who would have found him a home. But this is so much better.

The funny thing was that Mace jumped right into the carrier they had brought with them while we were talking. And then I put my carrier together, and Cato just walked right into it! He’s never done that before; usually he fights going into it.

It was weird – like they knew they were going to their new homes with these people they’d never met.

So both cats have a new home. I’ll miss them, but I’m so relieved that they are okay. And soon to be completely spoiled, by the look of things. Of course I didn’t spoil them. Much.

After they left, I gathered the few things that were left at the apartment and put them in the car. There are always a few things left, somehow. Then I pulled nails, spackled a bit, dusted away the cobwebs, and vaccuumed. And I gave the kitchen and bathroom a cursory cleaning – not a major scrubbing, but enough.

I know – why did I clean when they were not very nice about my leaving and I probably won’t get my deposit back anyway?

I didn’t clean for them. I did it for me. Partly pride – my grandmother’s legacy – and partly a ritual cleansing, removing our energy from the space.

And it gave me time to process the loss of the cats and of our home. Y’all know I find cleaning helps me process the hard emotional stuff.

I called the utilities – phone, internet & Uverse, and the electric & gas companies – to cancel service. I hadn’t done it before because I was hoping to transfer service to my new apartment. AT&T made me give them my password (I had to guess several times before I could remember it) but the other two just wanted the account numbers. One could mess with someone else’s gas & electric service fairly easily, apparently. Not that one would ever do that to someone. Would one? But I digress…

I put the keys under the mat and left about one p.m. Stopped by the storage unit to put those last few things in. Put two things in the car to take with me – a framed poster I’ve had in my bedroom for years, and one of my photo-collages. Stopped to put some cash back in the bank. I’d gotten a lot of cash out on Thursday in case I used movers – who insisted on cash. I promised the Sith Master I will definitely use movers next time. Doing it yourself is exhausting!. Went through a drive-through. Ate in the car outside the library. Came into the library and wrote an email to Anna-Liza, and this to all of you.

As for the next steps – I don’t know yet. I think I’ll stay at the Disney House for a bit. I need a bit of breathing room to figure things out.

So far, not a zombie in sight.


So, what’s happening with y’all?


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Says “I’ve got your update right here”

  1. lyda Post author

    It feels like my life right now is a mixture of sad and funny. But the Disney House is a comfortable place for me to rest for the next stage…


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