Pollyanna gets back to work

Lyda here. Just a quick one.

I went back to work today after my Move-O-Rama, and walked in to see my office decked out in black crepe, with confetti all over my desk and shiny “50”s hanging from the ceiling.

That’s right. I’m 50 now. And I’ve decided that the Half-Bucket stuff counts if I get it done before my next birthday. Anyway, I’m halfway through my eight things. This is what’s left:

  • Spa day… mmm…. or at least a massage
  • Finish and send off the promised items for my Pay It Forward Challengestill in progress, really! The move got in the way, but I will finish these things! 1-4-10
  • Go out on a date Go out somewhere where I could potentially meet eligible menz to date (nothing like setting the bar low, right?) – Scary, kids!
  • Quilt a zombie (hey, what’s a list without a zombie?) – next on the list after the Pay It Forward items

But I digress. Now you whippersnappers get off of my lawn!

I got hugs from so many people today. And at lunch time, my boss brought out a chocolate cake and ice cream. And the cake said “Happy Birthday Lyda!” I haven’t had a cake with my name on it for… well, I don’t even know how long.

There would have been pictures, but… well…



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