Pollyanna, Fabric Addict

Lyda here. Do y’all think I have a problem?

This weekend I found a fabric sale at a discount fabric store. They had discontinued fabric samples on sale – one dollar per grocery-store-sized bags.

I bought eleven bags.

Plus the stack of fabrics that I had already had cut which I’d found in another part of the store – 100% cotton on sale for $1 to $2 per yard.

And a quarter yard of $3/yard fabric for my word quilt project.

And another quarter yard from another bolt of $3/yard, because I liked it.

Yes, of course I already have a lot of fabric. What’s your point?

I opened about half of the fabric grab bags last night. The bags were clear plastic so I had a tantalizing glimpse of the contents while they were closed. But each bag contained lots of surprises. Most of the fabrics are drapery and upholstery fabrics, with silk embroidery or tucking or other embellishments. The fabrics vary from the tissue-thin to very thick. There are lots of colors and weird shaped pieces.

These are going to be great in crazy quilts and other projects.

I had a fun night, watching a chick flick – Alex and Emma, which I hadn’t seen before; it was just right for my mood – and playing with my new treasures. Guess what I’m going to do again tonight?

Yup. Only the movie will change.

Good stuff, Maynerd.

The only problem is that I know the store has a lot more dollar bags…

Danger, Pollyanna, danger!

My name is Lyda, and I’m a fabric addict.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna, Fabric Addict

  1. lyda Post author

    Probably, Red. We are definitely in the same building!

    Well, ya know I just have a little baby yarn stash. Just a cute little thing. They grow up so fast though, don’t they?

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