Hi, I’m Pollyanna, and I’m a Sock Addict

Okay, you probably know who this is. So soon after Lyda’s confessional post, I feel I have to come clean as well. I came to the realization today that I’m not just fond of knitting socks, I’m actually addicted. (As just possibly Knitting Sprite may be starting an addiction to baby hats – but it’s not for me to out another knitter).

Knitting Sprite & me at the Yarn Harlot's gig in 2007. Note the incipient sock.

This epiphany came when I saw this pattern on knitty.com. It’s not that it’s especially beautiful, but it’s elegant and the design is … it’s fuckin’ brilliant, is what it is. The absolute lust that reading the pattern aroused in me was so surprising, yet so familiar. I had to have the pattern! And I do – I have it right now, waiting for me to pick just the right sock yarn (I have PA-LENTY stashed) and find my size 0 DPNs. More accurately, find a set of size 0 DPNs which don’t already have a sock on them.

I need to darn one of these.

You know what? I have a total of two pair of functional handknit socks in my drawer, two pair that need mending, and a single Monkey whose mate was tragically lost in a travel incident. It’s not too surprising that I don’t actually have that many, especially considering the speed at which I get things done. “Speed” would not, in fact, be a particularly accurate term – perhaps it’s more the “slow” at which I get things done.

I'll even make socks for my kids.

But I have lots of socks on the needles. There’s a pair I am making for a massage therapist friend of mine as partial trade for the really fabulous massage she gave me a while ago. For myself, there are … let’s see … the toe-ups, the chevrons, the Pomatomus … um. I was going to give a tally, but I think I don’t actually know how many unfinished socks I’ve got.

One of these is lost in Wyoming.

And then there are the socks that I haven’t started but I want to start, even though I’ve got so many sock-WIPs and sock-UFOs already. Just online, there’s Skew, of course, which I showed you earlier; and there’s Hedera, Bacchus, Salto (dig them crazy cables, man!), River Rapids, the Sandalwood Socks

And of course, there’s Absinthe.

If that’s not addiction, what would you call it?


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