Pollyanna’s Medal Chances Are in Danger

Anna-Liza here. Here’s the first pair of my Knitting Olympics socks (my commitment is two pair).

Looks pretty good, yes? No. No they don’t. You know why? They should have been finished yesterday, but I’m still on the heel flap of the second sock. Curses and swear words.

Of course, Mr B’s birthday party was yesterday (he’s six now). I didn’t get a single stitch in. Today is bread baking day, but there should be time in between risings, etc. to knit. It’s snowing (still), so staying in and knitting (and baking) is very appealing. Theoretically, I could get a lot of catchup done today, which would be good since I still have to show up at work and earn my paycheck for 40 hours this week.

We’ll see how I do with the challenge of knitting while keeping snowbound kids entertained. Maybe I’ll break out the duct tape.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s Medal Chances Are in Danger

  1. lyda

    We really need a “Duct Tape, Uses of” tag, don’t we?

    Work – always getting in the way of the IMPORTANT stuff…


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