Pollyanna Reads the Signs

Lyda here.

I invented a new game the other day when I was stuck in traffic and reading the building signs, street signs, and signs on the sides of the trucks all around me. The game is to notice words on the signs that have a message for you today. Or that have a special meaning to you. Or that just strike your fancy.

Or that are just plain weird.

Can you read the sign? It says “FREEDOM PARKING” and then proceeds to tell you why you cannot park here, much less for free. The steel gate is a nice ironic touch.

This is from a building down the street from work. The whole building is bristling with signs about how you are NOT free to park here, enter the building here, or really… do anything here. And the company’s name has “freedom” in the title. I always wonder what kind of freedom requires such a paranoid level of security…

Can’t you read the signs?


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